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37 thoughts on “G-Eazy Ends Partnership With H&M Over Ad

  1. 3:13 woman said that she felt like she couldn't say no to the full nudity scenes because she signed a cotract… lol…. duh. You could say no but you would be breaking the contract and would get sued.

  2. James Franco has always been weird, didn't he get in trouble some time back for openly jokingly talking to an underage girl on Instagram? That is his whole shtick! As a male I'd be uncomfortable beforehand knowing I'd meet him, I don' t think he has any barriers with his comfort. You see it in his interviews. That's like now saying that guy that used to host Family Feud back in the 70s kissing and touching on all those women was inappropriate. It was, and everyone knew and saw it every episode.

  3. Im against any & all harm against females but some of these stories really seem like this is a bandwagon for a quick payday, u been holding on to this for 20 30 years & u jus now feel distraught? U were an adult in ur mid 30s this happened 20 years ago & u jus now saying something? Ijs does anyone see how easy it is for someone to say u did this, no proof, no witness, jus their word, automatically theres only 1 side to the story, he did it i said so, so hes guilty, condemned & destroyed, long after that money he paid them dries up yet nobody is allowed to ask what if it isnt true…

  4. edomites will be edomites.!!!! they know what they are doing…just like when amerikkka changed our Hebrew names to edomite dragon names….and called us Africans…lol…you think those demons don't know…lol

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