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George Clooney, Ben Affleck & Mark Ruffalo Among Celeb Men Sounding Off On Harvey Weinstein

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Ruffalo called Weinstein’s alleged behavior “totally unacceptable” in an interview with Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans. George Clooney and Ben Affleck shared their thoughts on the allegations against the movie mogul on Twitter.
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George Clooney, Ben Affleck & Mark Ruffalo Among Celeb Men Sounding Off On Harvey Weinstein | Access Hollywood

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44 thoughts on “George Clooney, Ben Affleck & Mark Ruffalo Among Celeb Men Sounding Off On Harvey Weinstein

  1. Kevin Smith along with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck knew about Harvey Weinstein's sexual abuse of women for years and they all kept it secret. They should now consider their careers ended. They are finished

  2. I don't care and don't feel sorry for anyone. They are all adults who can say no, report the situation at the time it happened and don't take money for you being abused or don't expect favours because the is no such thing as free lunch.

  3. Fuck you Mark Ruffalo. Everyone in Hollywood knew about HW and what a disgusting industry it it. Your just saying this shit now to protect your new Avengers movie. Boooooooooooooooooooooooo

  4. Every movie star in Hollywood took their turn on the casting couch. Both men and women and they all know it and so do all of us. They all act like it’s such a surprise. Like nobody knew he was doing it. Yeah, right. They all know what kind of man he is but he was their meal ticket.

  5. Holy fuck. Hollywood knew about Weinstein for the last fucking 20 years. Hearing these cucks 'sound off' (virtue signal) on him now is just a joke. It's poetic what happened to Ben 'Buttman' Affleck in the last 24 hours. Lol

  6. as long as theres girls taking the fame and fortune, there will be Johns who pay and keep abusing their position like cops or any other white guy

    why don the girls who took the money and fame dont come forward????

  7. This is how great french visionary writer, Louis-Ferdinand Celine, described in 1937 about sexuality corruption and other depravity at Hollywood this time :

    "There’s another parallel traffic between Europe and Hollywood, of aspiring starlets. The
    trafficking in the most beautiful, the most desirable, the most succulent little Aryans, most
    docile, well-selected by the negrito-Jewish khedi
    ves of Hollywood, the “Directors” (!) writers
    (?) dykes, technicians, and other pashas…assorted
    bankers… All of our viziers of the Jewish
    Universe!… It’s no longer the route to Buenos Aires…it’s the route to California and to the
    “life of luxury,” and vice versa. All of those
    little Aryan pussies, the most tender, nubile, and
    cute, the best that the herd has to offer, all of
    it absolutely prime cut, goes to those negrifying
    geezers…to the Hymies of the most concentrated fermented rot, of the high cinema!… Jewish
    all-around! right in the ass! of all of them! and right in the dick! …that good Jewish
    screwing!… You are going to get your hemorrhoids buffeted about by that fat, doughy, waxy,
    famous Kike, that hateful pasha, little sister of the race! …beauty queen!… They do so love
    underhanded maneuvers! You’re not even sixteen
    years old, for such nonsense! You want to
    have a career?… Pretty face? You want to be adored! you tell me?… You want to be Queen
    of the Jewish Universe! Just a minute!… First of all you’ll have to attend to a little
    something…tremblingly! Get down on the dick,
    child!… Do you believe that it’s enough just
    to be beautiful?… First of all open up that
    fine front of yours… Do you believe the movie
    magazines?… You are not finished! Do you want to reign supreme, little bitch?… The
    world’s favorite? Very well! Then first of a
    ll go down just a little bit upon the anus of Mr.
    Levy-Levy, also known as Samuel the Abyssinian, also known as Kalkeinstein, also known as
    Ben-Cinema, and amuse him in spite of his pr
    olapsus…gently suck in that entire large
    wad…let him try you out!… Enough talk! go!… Don’t gnash your teeth so!… Glory is an
    asshole! well worked-over, and delicately sw
    ollen-up, with Jewish tallow…gently!… And above all, my charming little one, don’t spoil
    things! Don’t make Mr. Kalkeinstein suffer…
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    already possesses, dear applicants! all of the photographs, standing on his great directorial
    desk… He gets wet. The Stag Park of A
    bdul Hamid? Rio de Janeiro? Primitive bordellos!
    Hollywood does them one better…an even finer selection…much more astute, and more rational… The rule of this great Preserve is, that the most beautiful white women go
    to the Jews exclusively. A new roundup is made every Sunday. The great Jewish jackals of
    California pay particular attention to the
    French contingent among these beautiful young
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    mirage, a turn of the phrase! Ah! Don Juan! What a bullshitter! The mothers did everything in
    their power, to get their pretty young daughters embuggered even more! they being so well-
    endowed for the Arts… He couldn’t take any
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    ered themselves “fiancées” the more he licked it… He kept a little book in which he enumerated the maidenheadstaken…sometimes twenty-five a month… He was as sadistic as thirty-six Persian cats… From time to time
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  8. How come Robert DeNiro hasn't said anything about his friend Harvey Weinstein and his scandal? Rose McGowan should go on Twitter and attack DeNiro for the fact that he hasn't said anything and that he probably knew about Weinstein and his behavior toward women.

  9. Floozie, "has-been" actresses now trying to "play the victim"…..gimme a break!!  If you work at war-mart, how many times does the store manager invite you to his apartment alone??  She knew what was going on!!!  I'd love to see a photo of the outfit she wore to his apartment that night!!  I''l bet you $100 it wasn't a pant suit and a turtle-neck sweater lol.  I promise she went there dressed like a slut, ready to party.  Now they're crying and complaining because they never made it big….or they did, but are now far too old for anyone to care about and they want to jump on the PC wagon to sound progressive and cultured…What a joke.  this feminism double-standard is a cancer.  Women make use of their sexuality all the time in Hollywood to promote their no-talent careers (Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Megan fox, Mila Kunis, Jessica Alba…etc).  But now we're suppose to criticize Harvey for treating them like the bimbos they are??

  10. you failed to report that not only are anyone in Hollywood that say they weren't aware is a fcking liar…Ben Affleck is also a sexual predator and admitted it online…no wonder Jen kicked him to the curb..

  11. There are many many more in Hollywood doing this, all these actors know and many of them do it but they only speak out when they get busted, all this backlash against him is because he has been busted if not they wouldn't have said shit and wouldn't act like they care.

  12. To hell with looney Clooney, ben assfleck and mark  lying duffus.  I cannot believe you self righteous losers are not gagging on the lies you speak, especially you Assfleck, you have been outed about knowledge of this happening MANY YEARS AGO.   However, the one that insults our intelligence the most is looney Clooney.   You aren't men, you are nasty wimps who kept quiet for financial gain and will do it again.

  13. Nobody gave a shit when Cory Fieldman and Corey Haim confessed and revealed they were passed around like dolls when they were kids. (because the media controls what people believe…and the media covered it up for those pedophiles…just like they are doing today). WAKE UP YOU IDIOTS!

  14. And nobody talking about the pedophilia-ring in Hollywood? Then again, nobody cares about kids getting raped (or it is dismissed as kook-talk (until the mainstream media is forced to report on that too, then everyone will be against raping kids).

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