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Gerrymandering: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Lawmakers often reshape voting districts to shift the balance of political power. That’s unfair to voters, even those of us with questionable judgment.

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43 thoughts on “Gerrymandering: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  1. Glad I live in Canada where we have independent commissions that draw up our federal and provincial boundaries ever 8-10 years. While political parties can "stack the room" with supporters to try and sway the commissions opinions on changing some ridings or keeping some the same. The independent commission ultimately makes the final decision which they base on census data, and demographic make-up.

    Just now wish we could dump First-past-the-post(winner take all) than everyone's votes will truly count towards something

  2. why not just make party affiliation unknown during drawing of district maps? so something like they don't get to have internet or literature that contains the info.

  3. uh, SORRY, but "the most badass, balls to the wall carousel in the whole Midwest" is not in Iowa, it is in Wisconsin at the House On The Rock. Des Moines has never been cool. John Oliver = JUST WRONG 😀

  4. They all talk about Gerrymandering, and yet they all pronounce the "G" incorrectly as a "J". Big, big bonus points here for someone with popularity finally pointing it out.

  5. I love this guy. Btw, its very hard to live in those republican districts, the majority of them are racist white rednecks. Its one thing when you're older and don't have to associate with them but when you're younger, its hell lol.

  6. And this is why I think New Zealand's system is great. They have mixed member proportional elections. So there are disticts with representaties. then they look at the overall percentage, and give parties additional seats to ensure that the overal percentages are reflected in their Parlament.

  7. Is really difficult to understand why USA fears direct elections, it's so simple. The person who get more votes from the population wins, end of the story. I don't know how that is possible, I mean, they call that democracy but they don't actually respect the people's choices… If you guys can explain to me how that works would be great.

  8. Dare I suggest if you want an unbiased (or at least as close as you can get) way of creating districts, make them be drawn by a non American group.

    Hire a Canadian/British/Mexican etc. group who'd be willing to do it.

  9. "A group of people who have no political bias"…. for the first time, there is a legitimate reason to outsource to Mexico and/or Canada. Just hand the northern states to Canadians and the southern states to Mexicans to Gerrymander, and we'll fix your country. Oh, your Republican representatives have attacked both countries? Don't worry, I'm sure we'll do just fine….

  10. There actually was an article that I saw a while ago that detailed a computer program that drew several thousand maps based on populations, and then another thousand based on partisanship that would allow us to compare actual lines to see if they match either simulation.

    Problem is, I can't find it because everyone's talking about this one guy who only worried about compactness 3 years back.

  11. Republicans: 'Ha-ha! We're Gerrymandering a District!'
    Democrats: 'That's not a Gerrymandered District!? – This is a Gerrymandered District!'
    U.S. Voters: 'Are you SURE there isn't a third party? Did you look behind the couch?'

  12. Here is how you fix gerrymandering. You have the Democrats draw up their chosen districts. You have the Republicans draw up their chosen districts. Each district is tossed in a bag. A randomly selected school provides a team of 4th graders overseen by a teacher and a government official who is there to apply basic rules. The kids draw out a district and place it on the map. As the districts are placed and may over lap or fall short, they are in charge of redrawing the borders to keep things fairly sensible.

    Both parties then get to shut the fuck up.

  13. We could commission districting from a completely alien entity, for instance we could hire a British consulting firm to draw our districts, or we could use algorithmic cartography imputing data points to create several overlapping paths then use the areas of overlap to form the core of districts.

  14. At first I started thinking about how you could make a perfect system. Thinking you'd need a computer program where you entered in all the demographic info excluding political associations and the program would spit out a fair map. Then I started thinking 'Which demographics matter? Is it only racial? What about communities and people falling into multiple demographics.

    And then it dawned on me. I quickly jumped put of the Twilight Zone worm hole that is 'American Logic' and remembered the only way that's fair and makes sense is to do away with the whole fucking electoral college system and let everyone's vote stand alone and equally. Like the rest of the democratic world.

  15. Idea: Use a third party to proportion them. The party gets paid a bonus based on how proportional the results are. Here's another idea to do after that: Have less, but larger districts, with multiple representatives. Use STV to elect them. STV=single transferable vote. Google it if you want to know more, I can't explain it here.

  16. You hate Trump and everything he does, you think he is only going to help the rich. So there is no way you would take advantage of one of tax loopholes to avoid paying levy on your $9mn NYC penthouse. Right? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  17. Independent commissions solve some problems, but it doesn't solve the problem of Democrats packing into cities – Republicans will then always have a structural advantage. The only solution is proportional representation!

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