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Gigi Gorgeous opens up in new documentary | Your Morning

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YouTube personality Gigi Gorgeous on her new documentary ‘This is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous,’ which follows her coming out as a transgender female.

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39 thoughts on “Gigi Gorgeous opens up in new documentary | Your Morning

  1. News flash Gigi, your still a man. God made you that way. gigi you will never have joy in your life until you realize you are a sinner in need of a savior. repent and turn to Jesus. i love gay people i don't want any of them to go to hell for their sins. i will never endorse sinful behavior. 1 corinthians 6:9-10

  2. aww GiGi is adorable. honest and so open. I think your a sweetheart. What a struggle you went through. I love how you was with your mom..(lost my mom the same way) hardest thing in my life.. I also love your dad!!!

  3. Well Greg finally had the comments section removed from the ad for his documentary, now if he could just have the ad pulled from YouTube so I don't see that shit every few videos!!

  4. Lol she's super full of herself.
    Who calls themselves Gigi gorgeous? Like?
    Okay… you wear way too much makeup, and yeah study the laws before you go to places idiot.

  5. This is a mental illness and of course he should still be treated with respect, however, it is not normal to deny who you are born as and get surgeries to be something else it's wrong!!! This world today has me very concerned 🙁

  6. I see some comments about Dubai saying: their country, their rules. But that isn't the point. It's the point of how this kind of discrimination in the world still exists and quite honestly, as Gigi said, it's disgusting. Although maybe she should've done her research about Dubai, you still wouldn't expect that to happen at the airport JUST for being trans and the fact that something as scary and unacceptable as that did actually happen shows how much discrimination goes on in the world and how it is NOT okay.

  7. "I was not going to tell you all this. It's too personal. But now I have been paid enough and now I can tell." Fake shit bitch. Its not only your gender is fakе, its your personality

  8. i am surprised to see people referring to him as "She". he is a "HE" for fuck sake. WTF is this?? He is free to believe he is a female. Likewise, anyone is free to believe he is a male.

  9. hey people. you dont have any permission to talk about her face or her having plastic surgery or her transition. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL and IT'S HER LIFE NOT YOUR LIFE SO PLZ SHUT UP HATERS… GIGI i respect your courage to be a speaker of transgender people and i want to say thank you for being so proud of yourself. I love you and you are soooo gorgeous.

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