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Grace Vanderwaal – I Don’t Know My Name & Moonlight (Live at Vidcon 2017)

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Grace performing IDKMN and her new single Moonlight at Vidcon 2017.


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40 thoughts on “Grace Vanderwaal – I Don’t Know My Name & Moonlight (Live at Vidcon 2017)

  1. Grace is such and inspiration!! She came from being an average girl and look where she is now!! This proves that if you chase your dreams anything can happen!! Never give up!!

  2. I loved this girl and all her grounds, even from the first AGT audition.. she is so colourful and genuine, and it always seems like she is having the time of her life while singing.. BUT, for a girl at such a young age, you never know what could break her down.. and for all there is, I hope the industry she has gotten into doesn't ruin her in any way. She does seem more grown-up, though.. after only a year! All good for Grace, and I hope she goes on to do amazing things! Love, love, love! 😘

  3. Honestly, I think people just like her because of her age. She's not even that great of a singer. She's Ok, but she needs a lot of work. I personally do not like her and think she is just famous because she's a 12 year old. There are much better people out there than her. Sorry, but I disliked. Don't get mad at me calling a hater. I'm not a hater, just stating my opinion.

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