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34 thoughts on “Gutfeld: Colbert benefits from ‘liberal joke protection’

  1. Yes…exactly right…conservatives are not supposed to be 'offended' like Liberals over words. The whole 'demand someone be FIRED' crap is how Liberals role. If you don't like Colbert then don't freakin' watch him. End of story.

  2. I hope that CBS does fire him, only because each time a conservative says anything, anything, we hear friggin libtards scream so loudly it makes our ears bleed.
    The crap that the eejit said was idiotic. Sounded like a kid joke. a dumb one…
    We have been understanding and where has our understanding gotten us? Just like with isis, the more understanding we are, the more advantage they take. Kind of like criminals who find that tiny little loophole. Then they're out of the pokey, raping and killing children again.
    That is where our understanding of fairness has gotten us.

  3. Yes liberals are the most hypocritical of all. That's not name calling, but they do respond to arguments they don't like with some pretty vicious name calling.

  4. I encourage Colbert and the other leftwing "entertainers" to be as nutty and offensive as possible! The left will look even more unappealing, angry, and desperate for the 2020 race. Streisand, Whoopi Gold Turd, Rosie Odonnel, and Amy Shumer have been great recruiters for the RNC, and it is great to see Colbert join their ranks!

  5. What I'd like to know is how that unfunny, moronic, liberal faggot is still hosting late night.
    I couldn't even watch the whole first show, Colbert just plain sucks.
    I can't believe anyone even watches it.

  6. We the People are with you on this "Gutsy" !
    Americans are DONE being lied to and lied about and here's the proof.

    Just look at the last 10 or so years of voting trends. The ANTI-America Liberal, progressive, socialist, Marxist, fascist, Communist, ect. HAVE LOST over 1,200 seats Nation wide, with 1,034 of them being lost during Obama's Reign of Fundamental Transformation !
    They are desperate and, as denoted by their chosen lack of a moral compass of any kind, even more vicious now.
    Why ? Because the only strongholds left to them are our largest cities that are also the major concentration centers by percentage of population for crime, unemployment, drug trafficking and adiction, teen pregnancy, homelessness, unwed mothers, one parent families, student drop outs and truancy, Welfare dependency, foreclosures, ect., ect. . . . and don't forget political malfeasance via bribery, influence peddling, embezzlement, aiding and abetting of criminal activity and FRAUD of all sorts.
    These strongholds are also going bankrupt because these anti-American concepts ALWAYS run out of other peoples money to throw around to buy votes at election time.

  7. The only reason that obscenity is covered by free speech laws, is that leftist pigs took their right to publish pornography to a liberal Supreme Court and won. As a result, the world has become more and more animal like and less and less high minded. I disagree with the Supreme Court's ruling on obscenity as free speech, just as I disagree with their ruling on murdering the unborn, and for the same reason. Pornography destroys and so does abortion. A society that propagates death dies and we are watching its death throes.

  8. The guests that appear on late night comedy shows like Colbert are promoting their newest movie or show.
    What would happen if half the people in the USA decided to opt out on seeing any movies at their local cinema??

  9. Bullshit. you people have an obligation to the people of this nation to not take it too far and he did and now his untended ass has been fire. GOOD HE SUCKED ANYWAY!!.  These talk show have gotten out of hand and it is time they got put back in there place.

  10. People have the right to make whatever jokes they want, even ones the left deem's "homophobic," it's called freedom of speech. But Gutfield is right that he'd be put through the ringer if he ever made those jokes about Obama.

  11. What does that gal mean "well that was a joke" Thats the problem with guys like Colbert and Stewart and Meyers…They have said terrible crass things against the republican/conservative side…but yet they wouldn't have dared to even utter anything against Obama and his Cronies. Then they hide behind "that its a joke" thing. Even though a lot of it was political leftist rants trying to be funny. At least she knew there is a double standard with this president and the last….HELL YES THERE IS!

  12. Cowards, hypocrites, the ignorant and mentally lethargic trolls are by definition "liberals." Group think Orwellian sheep bleating whatever socialist screed is fed down their Bolshevik gullets is synonymous with "progrrssive." Find a libtard capable of independent thought, and I'll show you the missing link between idiots and sentient creatures,

  13. Some Trump supporters have a terrible sense of humor. You can tell by their comments that they are a bit slow in the head. No offence. Gutfeld falls into this category. My grandmother loves him though! She also has dementia.

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