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H. Moser Swiss Icons ABOMINATION

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Hi and welcome back to the channel. In this video, we will be talking about a bit of a controversial topic. As I am sure many of you seen already, H. Moser released something they called their Swiss Icons watch. This piece caused quite a bit of stir in the watch community because of the design of the piece. Before we discuss what actually makes this piece controversial, we must talk about H. Moser’s past because this is not the first thing they have created which their customers did not exactly appreciate. Earlier this year, H. Moser released their Swiss Alp “Zzzz” watch that looks shockingly similar to the Apple Watch. The Zzzz has an all black dial with a squared case and used wire lugs which looks very similar to the designs of an Apple Watch and without a close up look, could easily be mistaken for one. This piece just shows that H. Moser is not scared to “borrow” the designs of other pieces to make a statement. It also shows just unnoticed luxury timepieces go throughout our everyday life with the general population. Customers who bought this watch show that you have an appreciation for detail and quality yet you are able to take a joke. Now that we have finished with the H. Moser that completely ridiculed the Apple Watch, let’s talk about the new abomination from H. Moser.
Just so you know, since the filming of this video, this watch has officially been retracted (as it had not been actually released as it’s release would have been during SIHH 2018.)
This retraction came from H. Moser’s social media and stated that the purpose of this piece was to “pay tribute to the great founders of our beautiful industry and warn against certain practices of others”. The reason for their retraction was supposed because the “message was unfortunately sometimes misunderstood”. It’s clear to say the H. Moser has taken a huge L with this Swiss Icons piece.
Let’s talk about why so many people dislike this new Swiss Icons watch from H. Moser.
First of all, unlike the Swiss Alps which took jabs at the Apple Watch, these brands do not use the devious tactics of planned obsolescence to make sales, but rather create quality and intricate movements and have dedicated their entire livelihood to become craftsmen only powered by their passion for horology. I can understand why they may have, let’s say, “remade” the Apple Watch but taking jabs at such elegant and sophisticated pieces should have been under the fine producer that is H. Moser.
Let’s talk about the design, shall we.
The new Swiss Icons uses multiple pieces and smushes them all together into a “frankenstein” watch, much like a lot of sellers of vintage pieces on ebay. The new Swiss Icons takes design of the pepsi bezel from the Rolex GMT-Master but takes the shape of the bezel from AP’s Royal Oak. You think it ends there? Well then you are completely wrong because next, the signature H screw are taken directly from Hublot, even the integrated bracelet has the H shaped links. The crown has the iconic blue cabochon featured in most Cartier pieces and is protected by a crown guard unmistakably cut and pasted right off of a Panerai Luminor. Now for the dial. The blue dial texture is clearly from a Patek Nautilus, the Breguet style blued hands and the IWC logo changed to read HMC is also very visible and very transparent as the swipes they are taking at other brands. The last part of the Swiss Icons that is “borrowed” from another design is the clear Girard-Perregaux tourbillon bridge that keeps the same shape and mounts at the same points as those on a Girard-Perregaux.
Before the retraction at the release of the Swiss Icons, the CEO of Moser, Edouard Meylan stated that “even historical {brands}, create and produce nothing but substitute substance with artificial hype to stay relevant”. He then took another jab at the producers of other watch brands by saying “It’s all about who has the longest history, the most famous celebrity ambassador, of influencer with the most followers. Their efforts are in vain, the essential lies elsewhere with the product.
I believe that the Swiss Icons purpose was as both a tribute and a critique, but it just came out with poor taste and for that reason was not accepted by the watch community.

It’s clear to say, again, that H. Moser definietly took a huge, fat L with the release of the Swiss Icons.
Thanks for watching my video on the new and controversial H. Moser, Swiss Icons. Leave a comment down below on you opinions of the piece. Thank for watching and good luck with you watch collecting.


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