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HAIM on Their New Album ‘Something to Tell You’ & Life After ‘Days Are Gone’ | MTV News

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0:15 Life After ‘Days Are Gone’
0:45 Writing and Recording Their New Record
1:20 Moving Back In With Their Parents
1:52 Approaching Their New Album Differently
4:14 The Origin Story of ‘Night So Long’
5:09 How HAIM Writes Harmonies
6:41 Their New Song ‘Ready for You’
7:56 The Importance of Working w/ Each Other & Collaborations
9:13 Preparing For A New Tour

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36 thoughts on “HAIM on Their New Album ‘Something to Tell You’ & Life After ‘Days Are Gone’ | MTV News

  1. If this is one of the new directions MTV News is heading, then Bravo. This is proper, legit music journalism. Gaby appears to have some decent cred, which is very refreshing to see on MTV. They were talking about music theory, for God sakes!!! And Gaby offered relevant contributions to that discussion! On MTV in 2017! I'm WAY out of MTV's current demo, but please do more of this, MTV. It's very good.

  2. Danielle is a lot more talkative when it comes to recording and music. 09:00 I love it. Nobody but nobody is going to be responsible for what gets done except for us girls . LOL! Get on it Danielle!!!

  3. People are saying Danielle is talking more. Quite simply I think it's because she is the most talented one in the band, and doesn't feel the need to be shouting. The other 2 are definitely more extroverted – albeit a bit less talented.

  4. MTV is anti-white, racist, leftist, cultural marxist, social justice warrior and militant feminist supporting organisation. Just stop watching their drivel. DEAR WHITER PEOPLE.. right? Get fucked MTV!

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