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Hip hop artist Lil Wayne’s Tattoos And Their Meanings!!!!

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Hip hop artist Lil Wayne’s Tattoos And Their Meanings
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15 Bizarre Lil Wayne’s Tattoos And Their Meanings15 Bizarre Lil Wayne’s Tattoos And Their Meanings.Bible Verse

Nothing says “menacing” like somebody with the word of The Lord inked on his back in strong powerful lettering. It symbolizes somebody who’s not afraid to die. But in Lil Wayne’s case it very likely also symbolizes somebody who’s not afraid to live
2.Life’s A Gamble On His Left Shoulder

Sometimes the simplest statements speak the loudest. One can only imagine what kind of horror in Lil Wayne’s life must have inspired this tattoo. But it was probably something that made him realize that life was too short to worry about pleasing everybody. Especially those who don’t like tattoos.
3.Weezy On His Neck

Weezy was Lil Wayne’s childhood nickname. It makes it easy to imagine a young Lil Wayne at a more innocent time in his life, before his career and before all the tattoos. It also contrasts with all the other more violent imagery that surround it
4.A Gun In The Palm Of His Hand

This is probably as close to violence that we’ll see Lil Wayne get in public. Whether he was making a statement about the prevalence of gun violence in hip hop or simply being cool, his point is made crystal clear
5.The World In The Palm Of His Hand

Sometimes a few simple words say a lot. In this case there’s a number of things the word can mean. But as always with Lil Wayne, the meaning may be better left a mystery. What matters most is how amazing it looks.
6.Smiley Face On His Lower Lip

Lil Wayne has an inner lip tattoo too. “The Carter” star inked a small smiley face on the inside part of his lower lip. He got the tattoo sometime back when inner lip tattoos were a popular fashion trend. Oh yes, no one can see such tattoos unless the wearer force opens their lips to show the ink to people. Apparently, Lil Wayne had to put similar effort to show his tattoo to the world! An inner lip tattoo signifies nothing. However, it often suggests that one has run out of body space to house more tattoos! Nonetheless, it’s not as weird or repulsive as an eyeball tattoo.
This tattoo represents the softer side of Lil Wayne. Nothing more than a delicate flower amidst all of the angry, violent chaos found elsewhere on his body. It’s hard to say if it symbolizes anything in particular or if Lil Wayne just likes the contradiction
8.ESPN Tattoo On His Arm

The world of sports has changed a great deal in the past few decades. This tattoo illustrates that. There was a time when athletes had to be squeaky clean. No tattoos. No drugs. These days athletes want to be like Lil Wayne.
9.Tear Drops

If you see someone who has a teardrop tattoo, fear them! The tattoo has many widely accepted meanings, and some of them are downright scary. A teardrop tattoo symbolizes a homicide. It means the wearer might have killed someone. The body art also indicates the loss of a family member or friend. Some believe the tattoo also represents attempted murder or a close shave with death. The multimillionaire rapper Lil Wayne has this teardrop tattoo, and it is one of the most notable tattoos on his body. The rapper’s tattoo has some kind of connection to Bloods gang, or may symbolize Wayne’s criminal past……………
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