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Hollywood Celebrities Want Americans Disarmed For Their Protection.

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Hollywood Celebrities Want Americans Disarmed For Their Protection. Nothing like hollywood elites trying to tell americans how to live! They value their lives over ours.

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Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uosgQtji78I

EveryTown: https://everytown.org/who-we-are/

The Share Act: https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/house-bill/2406

Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act: https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/38?q=%7B%22search%22%3A%5B%22concealed+carry+reciprocity+ac

Burst Review: https://www.youtube.com/user/BurstReview

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33 thoughts on “Hollywood Celebrities Want Americans Disarmed For Their Protection.

  1. Oh now I know the old ass irrelevant actor, actress so there life has been largely fake lies! Fuck them just like Tucker said you want to try to take our guns there would be a civil war in 15 minutes bitches!

  2. Anyone who takes a stand against firearms should not be allowed to have armed security or a ccw permit. I bet they would change their point of view real quickly.

  3. Here's an idea. Anyone calling for disarming are the only ones who should be disarmed and that includes their bodyguards and security. And they should fuck off to North Korea.

  4. Text Go fuck yourselves, or Come and take them 🙂 these ppl are like Ticks.. They do nothing for the commonwealth of the people but hinder their constitutional rights, well reaping, LEECHING the benefits out it as they preach.. sigh…… This is a main reason, why I F_________KING.. LOATHE these scumbags. Lowlifes. Spit on them all.

  5. Guess what Hollywood. ..I don't give a flying fuck about your feelz…they are the modern day equivalent of a jester…dance for us monkeys or we will feed you to the crows..

  6. I love how they are so horrerfied at the possibility of Californian citizens getting equal protection under the law. I wonder how scared they get stepping out of state lines into a free state.

    Also funfact, movie producers, prop masters, and actors are exempt from California gun laws, along with politicians (defined as anyone in a state office)

    So who are they scared of? because clearly they trust themselves with such things

  7. I thank you SIR!! For this video outstanding work. Not sure 🤔 when these liberal bastards will ever understand only reason why they “”have a voice.”” Is cuz the second amendment thank u once again MR SINATRA. for ur help it OUR RIGHT TO SELF PRESERVATION. GODBLESS U
    MR…, Jason

  8. This video won't cause many times call. The only ones that use to be A listers are now d listers ( Melissa McCarthy and Sheryl Crow)The rest are complete nobodies. I have never seen or heard of them.

  9. to be fair, the man who invented the device CALLED them silencers. I am a HUGE firearms enthusiast and, while I prefer the term suppressor because I feel that it is a more accurate description of what the device DOES, calling them silencers is technically still correct. The fact of the matter is that MOST politicians view suppressors from a vantage point of what they see in movies which is almost always incorrect. I applaud you for including a clip of a person shooting a suppressed AR to help demonstrate what they actually sound like. Unfortunately the people who are rabidly anti-gun are not going to be convinced by facts, reason, logic or common sense…..

  10. yess you know every celbrity and what they will and won't do. and news flash rape isn't individualised to liberals or hollywood. conservitives rrape to and lets not forget the catholic churches rape problem yet we are still supposed to listen to them on anything. hows this any different then a conservative net that has been their for ever. seriously your i find it funny that your crying about authoritarian politics but then your in favour of something that will remove a state's individual ability to make decision for the safety if it's poulouse, you like most conservatives are a hypocrite.frankly their are to many morons in this country to have safe owner thank you for showering you support for continued mass shooting.

  11. they're just afraid you'll legally concealed carry your legal firearm into their state, and be able to resist the scourge of groups like ANTIFA (or any true far-right assholes who want to harm people, but from what I've seen, the will to do actual harm is coming from the fucking left these days)

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