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39 thoughts on “Horrifying Details Surface In XXXTentacion’s Domestic Abuse Case

  1. no wonder why hes defended so much by his fans, this mother fucker makes fire music listen to Look at me, RIOT, I dont wanna do this anymore, I spoke to the devil in miami he said everything would be fine, Jocelyn Flores, Revenge

  2. never heard of this guy until the blogs picked up this abuse story. I'm forever a #kngwzrd fan but I like his music. I don't too much give af about this domestic abuse. some girls will put up with anything just to attach themselves to money

  3. If he doesn't get put in jail or is restrained in some way he will end up killing someone and people will be looking back at this time when it was "just" abuse remorsefully, wondering why they didn't do things differently. This person needs serious help. And shows like this can do more than just report, you can urge that something needs to be done before something tragic happens. He's contemplating ending someone's life soon.

  4. who the hell are these useless young dumb shit stains anybody can just make a IG video and call themselves a rapper? what happened to the days where dudes had a message like pac or biggie or big bun or big l no people just put a stamp on fuckery and call it music

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