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How Floyd Mayweather Won Conor McGregor Full Fight Documentary

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►Floyd Mayweather lets Conor McGregor get to the Final round and then released multiple punches that led to the TKO. though Floyd had said Conor wouldn’t last that long and Connor promised to knock him out at the 4th round but the fight was actually a drag.

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  1. ( Now who told you ) Connor McGregor to come mess with these people…. You let your mouth overload your ass…. You are not A BOXER STICK TO U.F.C MMA…..I BET YOU WANTED TO KICK HUH…. LOL YOU BITCH…. DONT CALL OUT A LEGENDARY BOXER TO FIGHT…. YOU GONNA LEARN NEXT TIME calling A BOXER hands out.,.

  2. I wish I can fight Mayweather a year back in the gym of training I knock his ass out real talk nice fight Mayweather keep it up one day it might be me and you and I will drop down to your weight class God Bless America we need help

  3. That song you play at the beginning / end of every video is so annoying I wish you guys would choose a new song I literally can't watch one more video with that song!!!

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