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How Kendrick Lamar and Big Sean’s Relationship Went Wrong

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In 24 hours, Kendrick Lamar changed the entire conversation in the rap world. Before K-Dot ominously released the cover art for what became the release of “The Heart Part 4,” folks were still glowed tf up off of Drake’s More Life. It’s legit gone from “is Kendrick announcing his album” to “the Beyhive is clapping at Kendrick for his use of the number four” to “oh wait, ‘The Heart Part 4’ is fire” to “oh, wait, is Kendrick going at Big Sean, though?!” What a time to be a rap fan.

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27 thoughts on “How Kendrick Lamar and Big Sean’s Relationship Went Wrong

  1. All Kendrick Lamar does is tip toe around names. Only time he really name dropped was Shyne. Shit is wack when people call subs disses. That's hoe ass shit.

  2. I don't know but I really appreciate how the girl in the video is cool and clear and not just like the gossip girls they usually put on such videos on YT.

  3. Big sean had the realest verse and jay electronica had the most bars substance and balance sean also had the most control kendrick just spit thd loudest and said the most shit and spit fast i do that when i run out of real shit to say but i want to impress dumb ass people "your parachute is a latex condom hooked to a dread":NOT BARS that shit trash when im rapping it back"That ain't the way of an O G so I G O collect more cheese, every dollar, never changed so I'm just a new version of old me":BARS that is a rhyme scheme with coinciding bars substance and great word play not to mention controlled voice pace and flow to let the bars breathe "I'm silent as a rock cuz I came from a rock that's why i came with the rock and signed my name on a rock draw a line around some earth and put my name on the plot cuz i endured a lot of pain for eerything that i got…" that shit legendary the whole verse considers what sean (whose song it is) said (like a pro rapper should) has a message wordplay honesty control coinciding bars original flow and style the whole verse is damn near a big ass rhyme scheme actually listen to whats being said kendricks verse sounds the best but upon listening deeper he has the worse verse considering it lacked control which is the name of the song..I decided is more inspiring than damn… jay electronica is something different than them though he has his own lane with no competition. Sean did better than em on no favors and em to me is the greatest and my favorite rapper when he wants to be he was empty rapping and sean wasn't and em murdered kendrick on that crappy ass song those two did they are both better than that i was disappointed with that weird ass shit. I'd like to hear em and elect but then again I'd like to hear either of those with nas as well. Sean and kdot are good at different shit but oerall fairly even kdot may be a tad better but sean makes better songs imo

  4. I think Big Sean isn't shoting shots at K-dot because they performed Alright together and K-dot just speeds up his raps a a little but K-dot could be shooting shots at Drake.

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