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How To Prevent Nicks & Cuts When Shaving With A Safety, DE or Cartridge Razor & How To Treat Them

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Want to get rid of nicks & cuts when shaving?

Check out these grooming mistakes and ways to avoid them:

This video is brought to you with the support of – The Styptic Balm that helps you in treating nicks and cuts.

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A few years back, I met Kaivan at a conference and he was telling me about a new thing that he was working on and he could not quite reveal what it was and just a few weeks ago, he sent me his product called Glyder; and it’s a styptic balm that helps to deal with nicks and cuts. Preventing nicks and cuts boil down to 9 core items.

1. Abstain from using cartridge razors and cartridge razor systems. Blades are too dull and not sharp enough and you are more likely to get nicks and cuts in the long run. Not only is a cartridge system bad for your wallet, but it’s also bad for your skin.

2. Do a proper pre-shave process. That means you have to clean your skin first, you want to heat up your skin and open those pores and you want to use a rich, creamy lather that protects your skin from the sharp blades.

3. Use a shaving brush to apply the lather.

4. Invest in quality shaving products. Skip the run of the mill shave cream in a can because it has lots of air and it’s not very lubricating.

5. Shave with a proper technique. That means you do short strokes and you wash in between and you re-lather areas before going over them again.

6. Use a fresh, sharp razor blade every time you use a double edge razor. Now, with the cartridge system that is super expensive. With a double edge system, you can afford to do that.

7. Experiment with different kinds of handles and blades.

8. Give your face time to adjust.

9. Deal with underlying skin issues.

So, even if you follow all of those nine steps, you will still get cuts every once in a while.

The old method was to use a styptic pencil. Some people use a piece of toilet paper. Others came up with a chapstick but the problem with all of those solutions is that none is perfect.

So, Glyder is a styptic balm and it’s different from a styptic pencil in a sense that it’s much softer. It’s in this nice tube, you can undo it and just use it like a chapstick and just apply it to your nick. Its formulation contains argan oil, aloe vera, vitamin E, tea tree oil, and jojoba which is great for your skin, it helps to sterilize that nick and cut without using alcohol which is bad for your skin and your face.

So how exactly should you use a styptic balm once you have a nick and cut?

First of all, once you notice you have a nick and cut either because you see a bleeding or you feel it, stop shaving. put your shaver down, clean it with water, and then immediately use the styptic balm and apply it to your face. Rub it around a little bit on it, make sure you look at it in the mirror and leave it on there and wait until it stops bleeding.

Once you have done that, you can lather up again and continue to finish your shave. Ideally, you apply Glyder on the nicks and cuts area once you’re done with your shave and before you go into your post shave routine.
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