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How to Wear a Beanie?

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How to Wear a Beanie?

Beanies are the quintessential cold weather hat, and there are as many ways to wear a beanie as there are beanies themselves. A beanie offers you the chance to put a simple and stylish finishing touch on any outfit.
Wearing a Beanie for Girls
Cover your whole forehead and ears for a classic look. The front of the beanie should be just a little over your eyebrows. Leave the beanie a little loose on top and in the back. Push your bangs beneath the hat, especially if they are a little greasy or flat.
Roll the cuff of the beanie once for a warmer wrap around the ears. If you plan on being out in the cold for an extended period this will help keep you warm and stylish. The beanie will be mostly pulled down and snug as a result, and it should cover your forehead, ears, and neck. This style can work especially well if you let your bangs loose in the front of the beanie.
Wear the beanie higher on your head. For a fun little twist on the everyday, wear the hat over your forehead. The excess material of the hat can either stand up (this style is more fashionable on men than women), or you can give it a slight fold in the back. This style, called the “Peter Pan,” causes the beanie to sit a little higher on your head and keeps it off your neck. The hat will only cover part of your ears as a result, though. This style works well with both hidden bangs and revealed bangs.
Give your bangs a little sweep. If you want a look that seems a little more stylish than usual, wear your hat in a looser style further up on your head and leave your bangs out. Sweep them off the the side a bit for a playful twist.
Leave your hair down. The easiest thing to do to your hair when wearing your beanie is to simply leave it down. Leaving your hair down prevents any strange bulges from appearing underneath the fabric of your hat, and it also provides you with extra warmth on your neck and ears for the chilly autumn or winter winds.
Wear a low ponytail. You can either braid your hair or leave it straight, but if you do decide to wear your hair back, make sure that the ponytail sits low on your head or to the side to keep it from creating an uncomfortable bulge beneath your hat.
Try wearing a baggier beanie if you have especially curly hair. This will allow the beanie to cover some or all of your hair without it looking misshaped or lumpy. Beyond choosing the right beanie many beanie styles work as well with curly hair as they do with straight hair.
Wearing a Beanie for Guys
Choose a simple beanie. Guys fashion tends toward a more subdued style. Sequins, bead work, and decorative stitching can be a bit too difficult for men to comfortably pull off. Knit patterns can work, but the color palate should relate inversely to the complexity of the pattern. The more intricate the pattern is the more subdued the colors should be.

Match the hat to your hair. Depending on the hairstyle you wear certain approaches to head wear will be preferable. If your hair tends to be done up in the front let it peak out from the beanie.
Stick it on your head. Wearing the beanie with out rolling the edges is a trendy way to wear a beanie. Generally, when wearing a beanie this way you will pull it down to cover part or all of your forehead.
Try a single role. This is a traditional style for wearing a beanie. Roll the brim once, making a cuff of two to three inches. This is a normal presentation for heavier knit beanies, but will also work with lighter beanies that fit loosely. This style reduces the overall size of the beanie, and typically allows some hair to be viable underneath the hat.

Attempt a double roll. This style thickens the cuff, and reveals more of your hair. You typically would wear the hat farther back on your head allowing your hair to be prominently displayed.
Try a hipster look by standing the beanie straight into the air. Men tend to have an easier time pulling this style off, and it can be quite dramatic. The bulk of the fabric will simply be standing on end off you head. this is a fun and very young look, so if you are aiming at serious or respectable then this look might be a step too far.
Try a larger beanie if your hair does not flatten well. If your hair is especially curly or has a lot of body, a beanie with extra material in the cap will allow you to tuck your hair in without leaving it flat and lifeless.
Ignore the rules! So as with any fashion advice the rules can easily be broken. Just be careful to keep your intentions in mind. If you are dressing for a job interview or a date being traditional is generally a virtue. That, of course, depends on the date.


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