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11 thoughts on “ICE under fire over immigration raids

  1. Felons or NOT, they should be REMOVED. They can leave by choice or by FORCE!

    And by the way, when ONE alien is removed, the whole martian clan should be gone. "Breaking up families" should not even be a part of the equation. NO ONE should be left here.

    Just because some alien unloaded a litter on U.S. soil, does NOT make that creature of citizen of this country.

  2. fuck Donald trump he only helping the rich people who don't need help he's rising taxes for poor people reducing taxes for rich people Donald trump is exactly like Hitler he only cares about people that are like him one day he can I get United State bomb for saying stupid shit

  3. The left are only against this action because they didn't vote for trump. Their outcry and voices have no place here. They are killing their cause by there ignorance and hatred makes it worse

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