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Sometimes new us still behaves like old us then we direct our brain and it is smooth sailing! HAHA! Just wanted to share! Cough at beginning is AMAZING!! TAKE TWO! HA!
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Thank you to my friend Stevie for the intros!

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29 thoughts on “I’M OVER IT!

  1. I watched your videos for so many years but I've been unsubscribed for the last 4 or 5 because I guess you weren't "working" for me. You came to mind today and I found this and subscribed again. Glad to be back!

  2. I broke up with Arrow and Agents of Shield. I love super hero shows but there's so many now and some are kind of more Soap Opera-esque mixed with action scenes you have no idea what's going on in nor why they're fighting.

  3. I think I can say the same, that I’m super comfortable with myself. And yay to coaching using songs/song lyrics! I love that! And I love change, adventure, and excitement: it’s nice to have down time & routine. But it’s so refreshing to have great things that are happening.

  4. "I have nothing to escape" that really resonates with me in this video. I can't remember a time in my life when I didn't need to escape. It's a habit. I hope I can get myself to that point in life/mentally, where I don't and don't feel the need to…

  5. I absolutely love these new videos. I was a fan of the older ones but as I've grown as a person, I find that your videos have grown with me. They work for me where I'm at in my life. I can't wait to see more. Hope your back in Canada soon for more Timbits!

  6. I used to religiously watch about 12 TV shows, and at some point 3-4 years ago, I just thought "ugh! This is stupid!" Went down to 2 shows. I picked new ones up with time and I then had 5.
    More recently, I decided I was over shows that queerbait (hint at the main character being queer, have subtext, but then never actually make them be queer), and would not support them anymore (Goodbye SPN, goodbye Sherlock). With that, I'm now happily down to 3 shows.

  7. As a military spouse, it was very hard to leave my lifelong friends behind in California and move out of the state. I never imagined it would be training on how to cope with single-serving friends as we relocated to South Korea. I am so grateful to have seven kids to talk to, but, I am being forced to know me again, which I have found is an ever-changing person. I didn't watch a TON of Buck Hollywood, but, I adore you as a person and I love watching you mature and bloom into the next evolution of Michael Buckley. It's inspiring me to embrace the unknown and go gracefully into the next stages of me.

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