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Inside The NBA – Charles Barkley Responds To Lebron’s Comments (Full Segment)

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41 thoughts on “Inside The NBA – Charles Barkley Responds To Lebron’s Comments (Full Segment)

  1. Lebron is a spoilt child, and the only thing that explains his behaviour is that he's afraid to death of losing… when you're a great player and have confidence in yourself and your teammates you don't have fear and most likely you're going to win. When you're a spoilt child who don't want to lose and don't know how to lose it's very much likely that you're going to lose. Lebron didn't learn anything about 2011 and 2014 finals

  2. guys honestly. Am I the only person who thinks Kenny can say more than anyone in the world and never make a point? Yes Chuck repeated himself over and over and said he never will say exactly what he said and what they are debating over.
    But Kenny just feels like he always has to say something because he has a mic on, and literally goes on and on and on, and none of it adds to the conversation.

    Hes like the kid during play time, pushing his trucks around by himself in the corner. Sure he had playtime WITH all the kids, but did he really add anything to the situation? If he wasn't there would anyone notice aside from the other kids would have a couple more toys to use (airtime)?

  3. If Shaq told The Dream he didn't win a championship, Hakeem would post him up and say, no our "TEAM" won a championship! Same thing Tim Duncan would say, and Barkley, if he won a championship. Referring to yourself as a superstar just because you were the biggest player to play center in a time when you had 50-75lbs on all other centers isn't Greatness, it's genetics, as testimony to your mental inability to ever have a permit shot or free throw shot, your only advantage was your freakish size, had nothing to do with talent, which was well below league average when compared to a Duncan, Hakeem the Dream etc.

  4. HEY SHAQ, you're a fool! And yes that is a personal dig, try and find me and take a swing:) Barkley was spot on with his comments, it wasn't wrong to question why he would whine about not having another 20 million dollar all star to make life easier for him, not his "team", (cause he threw them under the bus with his comments, that's why you're a fool for not grasping that! ) HIM! He wanted another superstar so "his" legacy would remain intact. That's how he came off when he made the comment, his teammates should take notice and offense.

  5. I think James looks @ Warriors and knows he can't beat that team with what he's got. It's that simple. That team over there is something serious, while his team is in kardashian mode. It's looking like another L on his "legacy" and you can't spell Lebron's Legacy without a bunch of L's.

  6. Thats why Shaq wasnt has more rings than 5 cuz of less competitive and accustomed to support personality. (He is one of my favorite players but he wasnt a daring player as LBJ so comparing himself with him is absurd)

  7. Kevin Smith and Shaq had some wrongs about Kevin Durant.. Kevin Durant isnt a daring type player as LeBron. Or he never speaks big and intimidating like LeBron.. LeBron and his fans claims he is the "GOAT"..

    No one says for this for Kevin Durant ?! And even Kevin's himself not playing for that title.

    And one thing more. Kevin stricted with Oklahoma with too many years.. He handled, young Russell's crazy attidutes, his embracce scott brooks's sillyness and even after Harden go to Houston he was still stick with Oklahoma.

    LeBron didnt stay in cleveland that long, lebron didnt stay in miami that long… LBJ have 4 rings but Durant has nothin'.

    Durant take radical decisions right now but LBJ must able to play with the current team if he is the best player of all time or of the current generation.

    Durant can go to Warriors and no one gonna says "He is not competitive" Cuz he never was… But LeBron is and LeBron did these stuff before…

    Ray Allen, Mike Miller, Rashard Lewis all that guys come for LBJ at Miami (and then later Cavaliers) at his earlier Cavaliers era

    Shaq, Mo Williams, Lary Hughes, Antwan Jamison, come for on his request…. You cant play the role of the GM …

    Jordan gain 6 rings with Pippen only pippen… Horace Grant and Rodman's numbers or fame not near to Kyrie Irving, Dwyane Wade, Kevin Love, Chris Bosh. And any PG that James had (Mario Chalmers, Mo Williams, Kyrie Irving) looks better than Paxson, Armstrong . And Maybe Harper better than Chalmers thats all.

    So Kevin Smith and Shaq try to be fair and try to protect their reputation but ım full agree with Charles on this one..

    If you wanna suprass the players like Magic, Bird, Jordan, Duncan, Kobe, Dr.J , Kareem, Hakeem…. You have to shows that How many guts you have in their your heart…

    And ı have to say 2009 finals, 2011 finals press conference talks and this conversation with Charles shows to the world how spineless LBJ is… He has perfect body and talents for the today's NBA and he is truly the best of his generation thru to stats.

    But ıf you're look at this a perspective of competitiveness or perspective of sportsmanship…. I dont think LeBron is one the all time greats… He soft and disrespect as a high school kid .

  8. They have James and Kyrie and still needs a playmaker ?! That is just too much … he is soft, spoiled and accustomed to support too much… Im agree with Charles on this one.

  9. @samnangpoe you don't understand what Shaq is saying; It's not that LBJ doesn't want to compete, he does realize the team he beat in the finals has now picked up the other MVP and has had him for half the season. Like Shaq said and in all sports you can't stay the same with personnel. You always upgrade. If you don't believe me look at the Heat. Since Charles has never been to the finals except for once. Now Barkley forgets Irving was on the team before LBJ came back. LBJ is a facilitator and not really a scorer.

  10. I think Barkley has been completely right over this whole saga. The only 2 things I wish were brought up more were

    1. That there's a difference between "Does he not want to compete?" (Which is what Chuck actually said) and "He doesn't want to compete" which is what Shaq's saying he said. Barkley's was a rhetorical question but Lebron and Shaq seem to have taken it as something completely different.

    2. Why has nobody mentioned the fact that if Lebron want's more quality depth on the team, why hasn't he opted to take a pay cut? It happens in other sports and even other basketball franchises all the time, where the best players opted to take pay cuts to allow the team to have more money to spend on bringing in other players. I'm not saying he should, as he's obviously one of if not the best around right now so he's earned that money, but I'm surprised it isn't mentioned more in discussion.

    Overall i think Chuck is spot on. I like Shaq but he's definitely been very sensitive to criticism and opposing views recently (Although he's always been a bit like that) and I think some of the comments on here saying he cares too much about staying friends with current players may well be valid. Doubt anyone will read this but just felt like getting it off my mind.

  11. 10:38
    Did I get this right? Did Shaq actually made a claim on national TV where everyone can see/hear it that Kenny Smith won OLAJUWON a Championship?

    I do understand (weird) point, but damnit Shaq please stop it and get the hell outta here with that shit…

  12. ALL BS …Especially saying that james is the best player in the game. HE ISN'T. He does bitch and moan more than anyone else and he does foul and walk more than any other player ,and he does have more refs in his pocket than any other player. The dude is the most over rated NBA player in history.

  13. people have to remember lebron knows hes gonna be in the finals we all do we know that and what we also know is the Warriors will be in the finals the warriors just went from a beast ass team last year to a team that look almost unstoppable when u look at the CAVS u cant say that u can say there an unstoppable team when everyone is doing good but KEVIN LOVE HE DOESNT SHOW UP MOST OF THE TIME there bench doesnt ever showup so i can get why LeBron is fustrated and J.R he shows sometimes like theres no way they will beat the Warriors unless there whole team COMPLETELY OFF

  14. To say an athlete '' doesn't want to compete '' is the lowest blow you can deliver . Sports is competition at its core value . Alot of sports fans never competed at any level , let alone the highest . We pick favorite's , athlete's we don't like and root against them . Lebron is 1 of the most hated athlete's in professional sports , he receive's shots all the time . To compete on the highest level you are judged solely by winning , Lebron understand's this , and with everything he's accomplished he's still criticised . People have gone as far as call him overated . He's looking at the NBA landscape and see's to repeat as CHAMPIONS he has to DEFEAT golden state . How the cavs are currently constructed , that is a TALL ORDER !!! Last year took an historic effort to beat that team in Oakland WITHOUT Kevin durant !!! He has his eyes on his legacy ,another L in the FINALS doesn't help . He's trying to win , just like you would if you were in that position . But your not because you can't dougie let alone dunk a basketball . FACTS

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