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Jake Paul UNDER FIRE for Clickbait – Logan Paul APOLOGIZES AGAIN (DHR)

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Logan Paul ISSUES A SECOND APOLOGY over controversial video, Camilla Cabello PASSES Selena Gomez as most listened to female artist ¬AND now Jake Paul is being SLAMMED over click bait vIDEO, all that and more on today’s rundown!

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49 thoughts on “Jake Paul UNDER FIRE for Clickbait – Logan Paul APOLOGIZES AGAIN (DHR)

  1. the people at clevver defend logan paul for posting the body of someone who killed himself but cant forgive felix for saying the n word smh
    oh and funny how they criticize jake for clickbait when they do it ALL the time lmao

  2. Bout the clickbait thumbnail. There has been multiple thumbnails with "fake" sexual shit not only from Jake Paul. Go fuckin look u judgmental twats. The kids will learn it eventually js

  3. I think Logan understands that he did something wrong. He admitted he did a lot of things he should not have done. Personally I forgive him. I am not defending his actions. I am simply stating my opinion. I hope someone will agree with me!

  4. Idk if you guys know this but lots of people are blowing up at keemstar because he was blaming everyone else and I just want to say you guys are so much better like 300000000000% better then keemstar and all of keemstar's "fans" should come over to this channel because keemstar really just messed up and he should be told off

  5. I’m over what Logan did, he did a mistake, so just forgive him, because don’t we all make mistakes. How would you feel if you were criticized around the whole world about just one mistake.(not good that’s for sure)

  6. I think Jake Paul just made another mistake… bc if he truly wanted to get in drama like that wouldn't you think he would of made a response video by now or even talk about it in his vlogs?!?! just my opinion…

  7. Kim K's new place is like the White House? The first thought in my head was her saying to a group of officers "OK I want Snipers on the roof and people constantly walking around the perimeter of the house with shifts changing sporadically!"

  8. I’m sorry but did anyone read his title before watching the video ? Did his title not warn u what he was showing? Everyone is upset that he went into the forest but it’s weird that Japan actually has a suicide forest. They should want to stop it not promote it. Like other comments said Logan might not have believed it was real until he has gotten close because I wouldn’t think a country would allow people to go kill them selves and not go check the forest for any bodies. Do y’all not realize that he is human and that he could have been freaked out too and that’s why he may been laughing too. Not everyone screams when they are scared ? 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 Shut up people because he may act a little slow sometimes but what I have seen from his videos he has a heart and cares about his fans and career!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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