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12 thoughts on “Joey Diaz – Celebrities At The Comedy Store

  1. Wtf man, ima get my ass in la and make them beleive I'm more than them…. is this the mentality the 2k age has brought upon us?Follow me to the breadcrumbs … fuck that. I eat more salsa than a fukken Mexican ma fukkas! Es tu panocha muy dura? Try my wet magic, buff anything out with that wet ketten and satisfaction always a must ma fukkaz

  2. Anybody else get the feeling that DeLia is BSing heavy right now to match Joey's Tupac story? "Oh yeah, only me and Dr Dre, nobody there, so you can't check, but when he was coming out, everybody wanted a picture, and I said, I GUESS I'LL DO IT TOO, " Get the hell out of here D'Elia stop being a lying little btch go back to Comedy Central you safe fucking amateur.

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