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33 thoughts on “John McEnroe Says Serena Williams Would Rank ‘Number 700’ Among Men In Tennis

  1. McEnroe did not just out of the blue say, Serena sucks compared to men. McEnroe said Serena was the greatest womens tennis player of all time. The interviewer asked "why add the qualifier of womens, why not just say the greatest of all time?"

    McEnroe does believe Serena is the best female tennis player of all time. He doesnt believe she is the greatest tennis player period, because Serena could not beat any ranked professional mens tennis player in the top 100.

    Men and women are inherently physically different. Females can be just as smart, innovative and intelligent as men. Anecdotally, the females I work with are usually smarter and more responsible then the males I work with on average.

    Mentally men and women are equal. Physically we are not. Men are strong, faster and quicker. For example Serena's serve is consider overpowering for women. Her serve would be consider pedestrian in the mens game. You can look up service speeds. Serena's service game is usually a huge advantage for her, but against men, it would be a liability. The mens tennis court is larger than the female tennis court, Serena would have to cover more ground than she is used to.

    Lets keep it real, deep down you know Prime Serena would lose to any prime male tennis great in straight sets. Prime McEnroe would destroy her.

  2. I get it. Men and women don't compete in the same leagues for a reason. HOWEVER. I do think this is insulting. 700????? That's insulting to every female athlete. Because if Sarena is number 1 women's tennis player then you're saying women CAN NEVER compete with men physically. Pretty much. And American Ninja Warriors has taught us that's not true.

  3. Charl, you can't compare all 700 professional tennis-players (worldwide) to only the NBA players. You have to include all professional basketball-players worldwide.

  4. I'm sorry women are not as good at tennis that not racist its fact I'm a county tennis player and I played the number 4 for 15 year old being 14 myself and beat her Serina once played the 300th men's player in the world and got beaten 3-0 the guy had just finished his own game and used someone else's racket but still destroyed her

  5. um she got beaten by a rank 200 dude in straight sets while dude lit cigarettes on the =court, if you follow tennis then you know the women are straight trash compared to dudes. Not 1 woman would crack the top 5o or 100 if they actually competed. Bad donkey and charlamagne too twisted

  6. I quite like Charlamagne, but he began the segment by saying he hates tennis, then continues on to declare Serena the best tennis player of all time, of either sex then call out one the sport's all time greatest players and analysts for stating his opinion on his his own sport. Stay in your lane, eh dude? You sound ridiculous to any tennis fan or player.

  7. people need to watch the original video because John wasn't dissing her at all but trying to shed some truth to the reporter asking questions

  8. Charlamagne, you should get the donkey of the year for being so dumb on this one. You don't know the context of that affirmation, let alone the fact that you said that you think Tennis is trash and you don't watch it, yet you think you know what you talking about. Lol That was stupid.

  9. Men are so jealous of successful women and they can even hide it!
    It's so pathetic and gusting that they have to create all these gossip, innuendos, accusations, discrimination, etc.
    Stop inventing lies against women and accept the fact that women can be more successful athletes than men!
    Grow up!

  10. The worst UFC male fighter would beat the best female UFC fighter. The worst NBA player would beat the best WNBA player. The worst professional boxer would beat the best women's boxer. Same goes for any other sport. Not sexist, it is a fact.

  11. This radio guy babbles on and on and on and on but the reality is Serena would get killed on the men's tour but that shouldn't take away from the fact that she is an amazing champion. Comparing apples and oranges. Does anyone ever say Lisa Leslie is the greatest basketball player of all time period? It's a ridiculous argument. Just enjoy how great Serena is on her tour.

  12. I feel like white men think blk women are their equal, you never hear them talking like that about white women or other white men hell blk men. He is just mad that he can't be her, thats it! He's a fucking punk.

  13. This was a really stupid DOTD. First you admit you know nothing about tennis, then you proceed to list Serena's tennis accomplishments against women as if the skill level of woman and men are the same. Then you take Mcnroes answer to a different question, and try to make it seem like he changed his answer. Im not sure why he can't get this. You wouldn't say Diana Turasi would be better than any NBA players…bc that's bc you know something about basketball…

  14. 700 is generous, she doesn't even always beat the other female tennis players ranked around her, so what in the hell would make anyone think she could live with male pro's, has anyone at the breakfast club even watched a game of tennis lol

  15. This host is really dumb. Your ignorance is showing. Fame does not increase you athletic abilities. Serina herself said she couldn't beat men on Letterman. For example: Ronda is the most famous mma fighter right after Connor. Do you think she can win against her not so famous male counter parts?

  16. Tennis is trash? This radio show is trash. The host's knowledge and analysis is trash. The little brain in his little head is trash. Good job editing the clip and cutting out the reporter's question to make it seem like McEnroe said this out of nowhere. No, he was asked the question, is Serena the best tennis player, period, not just female? He was explaining tennis, sports, and basic biology to this ignorant reporter.

  17. I take no issue with Mac's statement. I know for a fact she wouldn't drop anybody in the top-400 on the ATP. To be brutally honest, you could go as far as to say she wouldn't beat the top-50 men in the ITF nor the ITA. Quite a few of the greats on the senior's tour would have their way with her on the court too! The men's game is a different beast and trust me when I say she knows it too. She said it in an interview on Letterman. Mac ain't saying she ain't shit. She kicks ass on the women's side as she should. But, in comparison to the top-tier men, she wouldn't hang with them.

    I applaud the fact that Charlemagne admits he don't really know much about tennis. If he did, he'd recognize that Mac mentioned his ALL-TIME top five (not the current open era) and even that shit was him being facetious when he mentions her at number 5. lol. Pete Sampras (retired 2002) was also an American tennis icon along with Andre Agassi, John McEnroe, and Jimmy Connors….but, if you still don't know tennis you'd AT LEAST know Rod Laver (BEEN retired) because of the shoes!!! They're a fresh hood nigga classic (S/O to Attic Crew – "Dope Boi Fresh")! lol. Federer, Nadal, Sampras…..hell, most of the ATP would mop her in her prime. Facts that she's already conceded to. Can't be mad at Mac because he said it folks.

    She's fuggin great……but, not DAT great to be dubbed the GOAT of tennis. The dimensions of the court are the same for females AND males. Same with the racquets and tennis balls. It's not like basketball where the girls ball is smaller or other things are altered because of gender. If she wanted that GOAT title, she got to holla at Federer and whup him. It ain't gon happen. Never will happen.

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