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Joseline Hernandez’s Tweet, Rihanna’s New Man & More Celebrity News

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Who is Rihanna’s New Mystery Man? What is Joseline Hernandez smoking? Who’s going to see Draya Michelle in “Lady of Neglect” in the theater???? Catch up on your Celebrity News with your Host Alexander Rodgers


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29 thoughts on “Joseline Hernandez’s Tweet, Rihanna’s New Man & More Celebrity News

  1. 😩😩😭😭😭😭 I was thinking the same about what channel the movie was coming on too! Like ehhh it's gonna end up like the Ciara movie " Mama I wanna sing" Shit was cancelled and delayed from premiering at the several theaters many times they was just like fuck it! Only way the public will see it will be straight to DVD.

  2. I don't think he was a stolen man. Naomi and Rihanna have been at odds since Drake made his VMAs speech about worshiping Rihanna, when they were still canoodling. Even when Naomi was asked about the beef with Rihanna, she threw a little shade but said she'd never have a problem with another successful black woman dealing with the same struggles. So I don't think this man caused their rift, even if Rihanna did date him after Naomi.

  3. Joseline trying to do anything possible to stay in the spotlight. If it's true that she really left LHHATL, this is probably her last resort of trying to stay relevant. It's not like that music career has or will go anywhere. God I'd be disappointed if the real actually hired her because she doesn't deserve anything that requires her to speak more than one line.

  4. I'd cheat on Alicia Keys too… Have you actually seen her without makeup? Joseline need to have her child taken away. I'm waiting for that Vivica Fox to air be in the magic Johnson theater. That little story time was HILARIOUS.

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