Justin Bieber Drops 15K On A Grill – Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato STUN At WE Day (DHR) - Celebrity News
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Justin Bieber Drops 15K On A Grill – Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato STUN At WE Day (DHR)

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Justin gets a pink grill, and Selena & Demi reunite at We Day. All this & more on today’s DHR.

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46 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Drops 15K On A Grill – Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato STUN At WE Day (DHR)

  1. We was one of the first celebrities to support We day and continues to until today (more than other celebs) and You guys reported this as if Selena is an angel and does all the work while Demi just happens to be there WHICH IS NOT THE CASE smh

  2. why the fuck is justin even relevant he doesn't speak about important shit, he fucking wasted tons of money on that grill shit instead of helping poor people, animals etc, his music is average and he's overrated and not to mention he hates his fucking fans he'd rather hug a newborn rat istg

  3. Vivian & Ryland, you were awesome! Thoughts: First, I'm sure that WeDay 2017 was a great event, and I'm sure Selena contributed a good hand of help with the event. Second, I'm sure Harry Styles' fans will be ready for his solo tour when it kicks off. Third, I'm sure fans of Katy were upset at "Bon Appetit" featuring Migos. Fourth, I'm sure the Beliebers lost all chill when they heard Justin on DJ Khaled's new song. Fifth, Jennifer looked nice in her outfit for the Billboard Latin Music Awards, and congratulations to her on her awards. To answer your final questions, i think fans will be skeptical about "Bon Appetit," & I'm sure WeDay 2017 was a great success. Thanks for a fun DHR. #Clevverettes

  4. I feel mixed about Bon Appetite. At first I was into it, but once I listened to the lyrics I saw it was just another song about sex. Unlike her songs like Chained to the Rhythm, Rise, Roar and Firework – which had nothing to do with relationships and love. Cttr was about corruption in the world; Rise was about breaking through the boundaries and exceeding everyone's expectations, Roar was about escaping from her childhood and Firework was about body positivity and loving yourself for who you are.
    This song – Bon Appetite – is just a song about sex.

  5. Tbh,, I love LOOOVE Katy. But chain to the rhythm was eh. Like the beat was mixed &confused me.. it was nice.. but I loooooved rise so much. Sadly also not a big fan of bon apetit.. too pop.. idk. But as long as she's happy it's chill

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