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Katy Perry Fans Are Outraged Over Collab With Migos | TMZ Live

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Katy Perry’s getting slammed for her new single before anyone’s even heard it, because people aren’t cool with her co-stars on the track — Migos.

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Katy Perry Fans Are Outraged Over Collab With Migos | TMZ Live


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30 thoughts on “Katy Perry Fans Are Outraged Over Collab With Migos | TMZ Live

  1. appolize these nuts migos is Christian stand up for your faith i can feel how a wanna feel im not out hurting gay poeple i dont stand for it so what my mf opinion stop kissing thesefolks ass

  2. Why is Migos (Quavo mainly) being dragged for being homophobic but people seem to forget Katy's repeated racism? I guess homophobia is worse than racism… at least in the public eye it is.

  3. The Migos Don't approve of all this gay shit in hip hop stop trying to make that shit acceptable in our culture straight people are not fucking with yall fags peirod

  4. …im starting to notice a trend with the homosexual community
    i think their using the gay card to hide their racism "oh hes homophobic for saying one thing years" really translates to "he's black i don't like them because he's black"

    also just cause a person doesn't what you do doesn't mean the hate you that's a stupid toxic logic im sorry.

  5. This is why none of yall could become rich and famous…you can't say how you truly feel if you wanna keep that money coming in with millions of ppl watching and judging you 24/7.People will boycott over any damn thing you say and win. that's why famous ppl who stay out of the spotlight are the smartest and will probably have a better run at the game. Katy been doing some dumb shit lately she's probably gonna be cancelled soon enough

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