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Kelly Rowland & Jordin Sparks Reacts To Nelly’s Rape Accusations

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►Jordin Sparks & Kelly Rowland Reacts To Nelly Rape Case.

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40 thoughts on “Kelly Rowland & Jordin Sparks Reacts To Nelly’s Rape Accusations

  1. Imagine that a white person whom people kills our children for a living trying to call out nelly for being nice to some lil white girl who should not have been there remember if she black she a horrible person.Lesson here we need to leave crazy ass white people alone they mean us no good even when we only being nice.

  2. These black men (celebrities) ain't learning shit! Damn! Stay away from these gold diggin ass thots. And idk what to say about these hoes bringing these fictitious lawsuits except for…why you always lying, why you always lying, uummm oh my God, quit fucking lying!

  3. I do not believe it and I am not just basing it of her looks either looks has not got anything to do with it because u have some men who say a woman a woman as long as she has a jay jay they do not care.however in this case I do not believe it
    Nelly should not have anyone on tour bus do not put your self in position where any one man woman can try to extort from you
    This is some Isims right here bull.S T😕

  4. I'm Not going to cosign saying somebody didnt do something. We're not the mattress and we're not the walls in those rooms. That damn theory that people always say men can have any girl they want so why would they do it that's that old ass cliche and men use it to get over and still rape. But at the same time women do lie to get over but sometimes what we consider to be ugly has nothing to do with when somebody want to take the butt. But these men need to learn to stop being alone with these women. stop inviting these women on these tour buses and behind the scenes. if you don't want to be accused of hurting someone. Stop trying to run trains on women with your boys. Don't act like rape doesn't happen because somebody got money or they can have any girl they want. Over using the somebody just trying to get black men put in jail, or black men don't do that cuz yes they do too many of us black women can attest to that they do. Besides, too many judge a rape by what a victim looks like you may not think she's attractive but the accuser may think so. Have you checked what the accuser dated before. Some of y'all making the comments on what the rape victim look like don't look so hot your damn self. For the record do push up on fat women and me being 1 myself would know. I actually like Nelly and I hope the accusations aren't true but again I'm not cosigning on s*** it's just a wait-and-see game.

  5. Women throw P…at this man non Stop!……Hell has no fury like a wonen scored!!….This is a scorned women I am sure!…Just his presence can make panties drop Why rape somebody??….I dont believe this!…Another attempt to defame a black famous brother… ….SMH!!

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