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41 thoughts on “Kevin Hart’s Ex-Wife Breaks Silence About His Infidelity

  1. Kevin Hart is being extorted.

    On the R Kelly part this woman was paid for her services there is no escaping you just left. so in a sense she i looking for damages AKA a check.

    Extortion and extortion.

    I kind have more sympathy for Kevin Harts situation more. I am just being honestly.

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  3. k hart is a chump and he not the only one(tiger), wtf u apologizing for…all u did was what comes natural fool.  ya wife is go stay with you for 5 years have 2 kids leave yo dumb ass for a basketball player and charge the shit out of you for 15 years.

  4. Kevin Hart is a dirty motherfucker for cheating on is wife, no doubt! But did you guys pay attention to the stripper who said she is not part of the extortion attempt, but she is trying to extort 420,000 from Kevin Hart to take a lie detector test, I guess that's plan B since plan A derailed.

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