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Kim K Flips Out About Caitlyn Jenner – Demi’s “Ruin The Friendship”About Nick Jonas (DHR)

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Kim Flippppps Out In S14 KUWTK Preview & Calls Cait Shady.
Is Demi’s “Ruin The Friendship” Song About Nick Jonas? All that and more on today’s rundown!

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30 thoughts on “Kim K Flips Out About Caitlyn Jenner – Demi’s “Ruin The Friendship”About Nick Jonas (DHR)

  1. Your problem, girls is that you must only watch "mainstream media". FOX watchers, conservative radio listeners, and GOP members know all about giving to Puerto Rico for hurricane relief. We know that FEMA and supplies have been on the ground since the beginning. You're simply uninformed about this issue. The Governor of Puerto Rico has publicly praised President Trump, but MSNBC, NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, etc., simply don't report it.

  2. Hey guys ! I'm French and i read KKW's robber's apologies letter and i would translate "i regret my gesture" by "i regret my actions". The robber does use the word "geste" that is translate "gesture" in english but the meaning of his sentence is that he regrets his actions so actualy the robbery.
    If i was Kim K i would'n buy his apology neither because that men is well known by the police to be a bad person that doesn't apology to anyone.

  3. Lady Gaga can't sleep alone at night or be by herself because she sees spirits. And nobody mentions this shit lol. In her new Netflix show the stuff that didn't make it to the final cut was her talking of the man who approached her and offered her the world.

  4. :36 Beyoncé supports Lady Gaga
    2:30 Rihanna and Trump
    5:15 Kim K and Caitlyn Jenner
    7:39 Kim K robber
    9:10 Demi Lavato's new song

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  5. 0:31 Beyonce supporting Lady Gaga
    2:20 Rihanna calls out Donald Trump
    5:02 Kim Kardarshian talks about Caithlyn Jenner
    7:36 Kim Kardashian's robber sends an apology letter
    9:10 Demi Lovato's new song about Nick Jonas

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  6. I don’t get why you repeat the news over and over again. Also please report some of the good stuff that’s going on in the Hollywood rather than controversies for a change. I like the kardashians but m sick of listening to their news 24/7 😒

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