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44 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Sorry For Defending Jeffree Star’s Hateful Racist Comments

  1. but if kim had said <i don't feel like i have as much right or relevance to talk about this topic because i am not black myself>. then, charlemagne, you would be tearing her down too! you would say <how dare she – she's married to black man, has mixed race kids, but that don't mean you have any right to an opinion on this matter> kim actually can't win here. even tho she came out and apologized instead of ignoring the matter. plus i thought people say being in mixed race relationship is same as saying: well I can't be racist cos i have black friends, no??

  2. Lol! Kim just used her platform to bring up the racist comments he's made. Now she put it all out there without getting her hands dirty. And that's why that b is winning!😂😂😂😂

  3. Yee why didn't you just say you didn't know what a damn swatch was… You gotta come in here misinforming people. A swatch in reference to makeup is a small sample usually tested on the arm area to demonstrate the product color. She sounded so damn ignorant. "…her swatch was chalky"…sit your dumb ass down somewhere. Always trying to chime in but don't have anything to say.

  4. I have no problem with defending a friend but How can you ask people to forgive and defend someone who's racist comments doesn't even affect you. I'm sick of nonblack people basically telling us to get over it😡

  5. He half assed his apology defending his racism by saying he was bullied when he was younger and attacked major black women in the beauty community using deragatory language. He did not change over those 12 years sis.

  6. She's been doing this with Jeffrey Star and you all keep supporting her. Jeffrey Star says doing makeup on black women is making up a monkey. He is always been racist and she will not fire him. You guys are so dumb. She knows you guys will keep supporting her, he is not changing at all. Kim Kardashian is so ignorant and I feel soooo sorry for her mixed raced children. They have an idiot as a mother who is not prepared to deal with the world.

  7. Ya'll just mad because she is defending a white transgender man , don't forget her stepfather or ex stepfather is also transgender. If she went for Jeffree then she could get shit from the LGBT community. She is not defending him bc he is white. Kim is married to a black man and has black children. Everyone is white devils to ya'll ………cry me a river.

  8. You get that racial comments is a big deal ? Really ? But why are we surprised she and her mother and sisters have owned slaves for a while now .. this is how they got there fame … not surprised

  9. She has her opinion. She was just responding to jeffree calling out how she swatches and people made it serious when it first started it was over make up. And tbh I feel like yes racism isn't ok, but jeffree has apologized and has changed. Yeah he still acts bitchy at times but I think his bitchy side is who he is or a way he copes to put on the front that he doesn't get upset at things like online hate. In which I can relate to, I get bitchy when i feel attacked or hurt and I try not to show that I'm upset.

    I feel like if we want things to change, don't complain that he need to apologize and then complain again and call him a racist when he apologized and spoken about this subject many times after

  10. Kim already was told her swatches were chalky when they first came out and people were paying too much for the product cuz of the amount and she didnt defend that black woman guru idk her name but she didnt go defend her when she was very nice and profesional about her review on kims products that just shows what typ of person kim is

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