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Korean celebrities Born Into Extremely Rich Families

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Korean celebrities Born Into Extremely Rich Families

1 Psy
In 1955, Psy’s father founded a semiconductor company, DI corporation, where Psy is now a CEO. When Psy released his Gangnam Style music video, shares of DI corporation skyrocketed to eight times of the original value by the end of 2012. Psy’s mother runs a high-end restaurant Petits Seasons. His sister is a food stylist.

2 GOT7’s Mark
His nickname is “LA doryeonnim.” His house in Los Angeles has a pool and a garden. He always flies first class. When GOT7 performed in LA, his father, a retired businessman, purchased 80 tickets, which cost about a thousand dollars.

3 Eun Ji Won
Korea’s former president Park Jung Hee is President Park Geun Hye’s father and a brother of Eun Ji Won’s grandmother, which makes Eun Ji Won President Park’s nephew.

4 Choi Si Won
On a talk show, Super Junior’s Leeteuk revealed, “Choi Si Won has a few homes in Apgujung. They kind of feel like franchise restaurants. Three months ago, (Si Won) said he was living in another house because his primary residence was under renovation.” Choi’s father runs a trading firm in Japan.

5 MBLAQ’s Mir
Mir grew up in a 14,000 square foot house in Jang Sung. Mir’s father owns nine mountains, three of which are a national park. When Mir was younger, he stole and sold a family cow for allowance money. Don’t think it’s a big deal? A male calf runs at about $2,600 and a female one at $3,150.

6 Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung
SNSD’s Sooyoung family lives at a mansion in Jeonju, in which she lived before debut. Her grandfather runs an architecture firm that built the popular Seoul Arts Center, which houses the Korean National Ballet Company, Korean National Opera Company, and Korean Symphony Orchestra.

7 2PM’s Nichkhun
At the age of twelve, “Thai prince” Nichkhun studied at Wanganui Collegiate School for a year and a half. It’s a boarding school in New Zealand, in which Prince Edward of United Kingdom also attended.

8 Lee Seo Jin
Lee’s grandfather is a former CEO of Seoul Bank. His father served at Ahn Heung finance company. Lee studied economics at New York University and inherited 50 million dollars. Lee’s father apparently got very mad when he decided to pursue acting instead of banking!

9 Yoon Tae Young
Actor Yoon Tae Young is the only son of Yoon Jong Yong, a former Samsung Electronics vice president. When he married actress Im Yoo Jin, then-Seoul mayor Lee Myung Bak attended the wedding along with many other influential people.

10 Lee Philip
The Secret Garden actor’s father owns STG, Inc, an IT company in Washington D.C. that contracts with the U.S. government. Lee’s father quit his job at age 40 to found his own company.

11 Kang Dong Won
The actor’s father is a vice president of SPP, the tenth largest ship-making company in the world. Kang’s father is a self-made man who started his career as a heavy industry market researcher.

12 Lee Ha Nui
Miss Korea-turned-actress Lee Ha Nui’s father served at the National Intelligence Service, Korea’s chief intelligence agency. Her uncle is a former vice chairman of the National Assembly. Her mother and sister are professional gayageum players.

13 ZE;A’s Park Hyung Sik
During their trainee days, ZE:A’s Kwanghee saw that Park had over $10,000 in his bank account. When Kanghee asked him about it, Park said, “I’ve saved allowance monies since I was a child. My mother saved them for me.” It turned out Park’s father was a board member of BMW Korea. Park’s father’s salary is estimated to be $120,000.

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