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Kylie & Khloe Pregnancy CONFIRMED By Kim – Celebs DEVASTATED By Vegas Shooting (DHR)

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Celebs react to mass shooting in Las Vegas, did Kim confirm pregnaciesa month ago?! And Justin Bieber Brings Camila Cabello to tears! All that and more on today’s rundown.

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38 thoughts on “Kylie & Khloe Pregnancy CONFIRMED By Kim – Celebs DEVASTATED By Vegas Shooting (DHR)

  1. My guitar teacher's friends were in the shooting and she seemed pretty distraught yesterday. I hope they and the others wounded will turn out alright. Stay strong, everyone.

  2. I get that people are mad that they mentioned more about the kardashian than the shooting that happened but this channel is about celebrities,
    Not about situations going on in the world. What did you expect? And the kardashians are on the title and on the thumbnail so it was a bit obvious they were gonna do this. If you want more news about vegas please go look on the news not a channel dedicated to celebrities. I'm sorry if I come off a bit rude, I truly don't mean too

  3. Personally the gun laws in America are just ridiculous! You would never see this in Canada… Its time they change the laws in the States and surrounding world. Enough is enough… I live in Canada and im happy to call this place home because we dont deal with this on a day to day basis. God bless all the families and especially that one girl from Jasper Canada who passed away at that concert 🙁 so sad. my heart breaks for everyone<3

  4. So kylie has still not said she's pregnant then? Talk about click bait. How disrespectful can you be to follow up the sad news of vegas with your bs made up news about something that HAS NOT been confirmed

  5. When other celebs or thingd get 1 video all 3 Months kardashian and jenner 3 video every hour the same thing just with other repoter.

    Pray for the victimes and their family and the the ppl who get injured or traumatized.

  6. Sorry but did you just shove the stupid unconfirmed pregnancies of the Kardashians into the same video of the tragic events that took place in Las Vegas? At least have a little more common decency and respect and separate the two topics into different videos.


  8. I hate how if a white person DOES an act of terrorism they are seen as a “lone wolf” or their mentally unstable but if a Muslim where to do the same thing they’re instantly seen as a terrorist and not just that person but the whole community like where’s the consistency in these crimes

  9. People are killing me with this "Vegas shooting" even though WHOLE islands in the Virgin Islands are sunken down killing everyone on them which is going unreported! Oh and the Virgin islands are apart of the United States of America for the few that'll call me out. Honestly I just feel as of the Las Vegas shooting is some giant cover up and distraction for what's really going on. Still no big recovering actions happening for Puerto Rico. Literally this shooting can be solved with the Las Vegas police department and their detectives. The man who did it is DEAD so this should be solved quiet quickly people 😂😂😑😒. 50 dead people really doesn't beat hundreds dying because our "president" won't grow a pair and lead!

  10. You guys really need to STOP being so fucking thirsty with the captions on your videos! Nobody confirmed anything about the either pregnancy! You just want to stir up drama and make stupid conclusions! And SHAME ON YOU FOR PUTTING KARDASHIAN PREGNANCY NEWS FIRST IN THE CAPTION. VEGAS SHOOTING IS MUCH MORE IMPORTANT AND RELEVANT NEWS AT THIS POINT!!! BUT, YOU GUYS ONLY CARE ABOUT THE "VIEWS" AND HOW MANY PEOPLE WILL CLICK YOUR LIKE/FOLLOW BUTTON. SMH #unfollowing ✌👊

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