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Kylie Post Pregnancy Pics On Instagram – Demi Lovato’s Documentary Trailer (DHR)

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Kylie posts pregnancy pic on Instagram?! Madelaine Petsch responds to plastic surgery rumors and Lauren Jauregui SLAMS Dove. All That and More on Today’s Rundown!

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26 thoughts on “Kylie Post Pregnancy Pics On Instagram – Demi Lovato’s Documentary Trailer (DHR)

  1. The only reason the dove thing is a big deal is because people are being unnecessarily sensitive about it & as long as that goes on EVERYTHING could be misinterpreted.
    1. As soon as the clip played, I thought "cool way of saying its for everyone". I didn't get what was wrong until they spelled it out for me.
    2. Give credit to the women to not participate in something that would offend their own race & culture. Its like saying I, a Muslim & arab, would partake in something that would ridicule or offend either of those.

    I'm trying to remember Morgan freeman's quote from the video he made about… black history month (don't rip me to shreds if I got the name wrong), but I can't.

    Dont make big deals over things that shouldn't matter, because you're making it matter. As soon as you stop feeding those mills of discrimination, it'll stop turning. We're all human. Get over it. Most people have. And those who haven't, educate yourselves.
    (P. S. Touchscreens and I dont get along well, so forget about pointing out any spelling mistakes I might have done, telling me to educate myself. ✋)

  2. just because I think I am beautiful and understand that I am lucky to have the opportunities that I have, does not mean I am going to grow up to be a "bad adult" what so ever. I do not think you should shame confidence. @erinrobinson

  3. Kylie Jenner is not pregnant 🤰 if she was she would have confirmed it earlier. Like it just seems like she’s just having fun with the fake rumor and it’s annoying cause everyone talks about it

  4. “You’re probably going to think camila cabello” … no lmao I knew from the title that it was going to be the band. Camila is an iconic band and has been around way longer, so don’t try to drag

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