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Liberal Celeb Who Demanded We House Refugees Gets Perfect Karma After Taking In Migrants

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Liberal Celeb Who Demanded We House Refugees Gets Perfect Karma After Taking In Migrants
Last year, award-winning singer and liberal activist Lily Allen demanded citizens open their borders and homes to refugees. However, soon after graciously opening her own lavish home to migrants, the socialist celebrity was horrified to receive a brutal dose of reality.
Wealthy liberal elitists are always delighted to demand that the taxpayers be forced to fund their social activism, never once putting their money where their mouth is. So, when famous singer and notorious leftist activist Lily Allen was challenged to practice what she preaches when it comes to opening her home to those who are less fortunate, she finally accepted.

After a year of incessantly whining that the West hasn’t done enough for the ceaseless flood of ungrateful and dangerous mostly-Muslim migrants, Allen thought she could get away with welcoming a few legal foreigners as tenants into one of her lavish apartments. Although they weren’t the knife-wielding, stubble-sprouting North African “children” that she demands everyone else take, she still got a brutal dose of her own socialistic agenda — and she now realizes it isn’t the liberal utopia that she claimed it would be.


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48 thoughts on “Liberal Celeb Who Demanded We House Refugees Gets Perfect Karma After Taking In Migrants

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  2. What about the homeless people who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom and country in the military? Thank goodness we have the men and women who are not judged by folks such as This

  3. Lily Allen doesn't just demand we perform according to her feelings…she demands that we do so from OUR WALLETS while she keeps her millions! This couldn't have happened to a more deserving person! I don't use this term lightly (I'm American and it's not the casual insult it is in the UK and Australia), but she is an absolute cunt!

  4. Wow, that’s sad. That happened to another European family, where the Muslims kicked the people out of their own home. I’ve seen in the Koran where it says people who aren’t Muslim are like animals.
    A professor in Germany was shot and killed, by refugee he invited in his home.
    I pray everyday for love and light saturate Gia and our Galaxy 💜💡🌎💡

  5. Well, I'm not surprised…because I'm not some stupid PC, SJW liberal. I look at reality and act on it. Did she learn her lesson? Finally…maybe…a little bit. Ask her to call the Pope and have him do the same thing.

  6. I suggest it's time to bring out the pig blood, cover her whole house and property with blood. Then I also suggest to paint the cross of Jesus Christ on all her buildings, the corners of her property, etc. I pity her attempt to be kind to unbelievers.

  7. HaHa! Stupid lying liberal idiot! Well deserved! Their diplomats are the problem to start with. I have little sympathy for someone who lives above their means and moans and complains they have problems and want us to be sympathetic and bail them out.

  8. Diplomats have no laws against them in US whatsoever! including murder. Getting them thrown out is not easy. Where their feet tread is a sacred no-fly zone including their vast entourage. Maybe she should contact Hussein and Michael Obama for help.

  9. If she didn't get raped, then she's fortunate.Karma, such a bitch, we've all felt it at some time or another. Where's her Hollywood Bollywood friends now? Call Husein and Michael Obama, and The Talk.

  10. Why not open up all of her "lavish"properties to these people. One property? C'mon bitch, practice what you preach eith pedal to the medal like you do everything else. Go all in… you had a little taste, now take the whole fucking cake cunt!


  12. How does a refugee have diplomatic immunity? What will it take for libtards to learn that their is NO such thing as Americanizing a muslime, period!,they will put on a fake face and tell a sad story ,to be allowed to enter the West's countries,only to reak havoc once there.
    I think it is time to totally overhaul diplomatic immunity laws for at least the U.S.A. anyway,
    We love our open society,but with such liberal laws concerning foreigners rights above
    Americans first on American soil.

  13. What a real lee silly woman too trust them they have not the same mind set as us i live in Ireland and i dont know Ireland anymore they are rude no respect for the country they living in dont respect woman at all i see it myself they think they can bully everyone too think like them when will the west wake up not until its too late

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