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Liberal Celebrities Come With An ULTIMATUM To Trump

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Liberal Celebrities Come With An ULTIMATUM To Trump

We all know that the majority of Hollywood celebrities are liberals who hate President Trump. That became obvious during the presidential campaign when some of them promised to leave the U.S. if Trump wins the election. That turned out to be just another of their nonsense, but now they are back with another threat – a “massive, all-round Hollywood strike” unless Trump resigns. Describing Hollywood as “the base of the entire modern American culture“, the group also claims to be speaking on behalf of “all of humanity.”

“It’s about time people understood that we’re the ones with the power and that the president is there to serve us, not the other way around“, a spokesperson for the group said.

“We’re calling for a general strike that would include every single person involved in making motion pictures in Hollywood, starting with the actors and celebrities themselves and encompassing companies in charge of making props, movie memorabilia and even souvenir shops.”

Rosie O’Donnell, Debra Messing, Ed Asner and Michael Shannon are one of the loudest of the group of artists, entertainers, and activists who are calling for a month-long protest to stop President Donald Trump.

“No! In the Name of Humanity We Refuse to Accept a Fascist America!” reads a full-page ad placed in the New York Times on Wednesday by the group Refuse Racism. “Donald Trump, the President-elect, is assembling a regime of grave danger,” the ad says.

“Millions of people in the US and around the world are filled with deep anxiety, fear and disgust. Our anguish is right and just. Our anger must now become massive resistance – before Donald Trump is inaugurated and has the full reins of power in his hands.”

Some Hollywood celebrities are calling for an all-out strike involving the entire movie industry in order to force Trump to resign.

“We’re calling for a general strike that would include every single person involved in making motion pictures in Hollywood, starting with the actors and celebrities themselves and encompassing companies in charge of making props, movie memorabilia and even souvenir shops,” a spokesperson for the Refuse Racism group said. “It’s about time people understood that we’re the ones with the power and that the president is there to serve us, not the other way around.”
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34 thoughts on “Liberal Celebrities Come With An ULTIMATUM To Trump

  1. Oh! By all means do stop making your pathetic motion pictures. However, all celebs are not Neo-leftist Trump haters. Movie fans before your pay your hard earned money to watch a liberal actor and motion picture or DVD check out the actors politics. If Neo-leftist Liberal boycott them. 

    “Breaking Bad” actor Bryan Cranston, notably outspoken against then-candidate Donald Trump, recently changed his tone, calling out those who don’t support the current president.
    “President Trump is not the person who I wanted to be in that office, and I’ve been very open about that," Cranston said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter on Monday. "That being said, he is the president. “If he fails, the country is in jeopardy. It would be egotistical for anyone to say, ‘I hope he fails,’” Cranston said. “To that person I would say, f— you. Why would you want that? So you can be right?” 
    The actor, currently promoting Vietnam War-era movie “Last Flag Flying,” said he doesn’t want Trump to fail. "I don’t want him to fail," Cranston argued. "I want him to succeed. I do. I honestly do."

  2. All of humanity wants our President Trump only those who lie and creat false scandals want him out si what are their true motives what is the agenda that they want ultimately. If they resort to railroading a totally false negative narrative them they are desperate

  3. The stupid ignorant sheeples thought because Hillary Clinton has a twat, that automatically makes her an excellent presidential candidate. They don't know how corrupt and dangerous she was to our country. The stupid ignorant sheeples thought that because Barack Obama was black, that made him an excellent presidential candidate. He wasn't even an American citizen. He was the most anti-American and corrupt president we ever had. The stupid ignorant sheeples think that because they have a brain, they think they know better They refuse to do their homework and educate themselves about what's really going on because they think they know better. In other words, the stupid ignorant sheeples don't think, they just stink.

  4. They think they are the foundation of this Nation. And Geo Washington was so grateful to all the actors who allowed us to be a Nation. Let their foundation of corruption fall. I'm with the 1st & the present Presidents. Restore our foundation. Is there anyone who can remember that foundation? Forget media, it's time to study.

  5. Our foundation of our nation are the people not Hollywood actors that are so good at presenting different ideas and can not do anything except pretend. We the people are now waking up and seeing that we have let the wolves attach our nation for the benefit of global government We do not wish to lose our freedom to be like third world countries with dictators ruling our people. It is time to take our country back from the ignorant and hateful people that hate our nation and think they are all that. We will see many lose because they are on the side of hate and not caring about the great nation we really have, It takes work to stay ahead of evil, but it is soooooooo worth it. Come on people and get busy working to save our nation from distruction of hate and greed.

  6. Please strike we hate you idiots anyway please please do it morons. Oh yeah like how that is working out for the NFL. Ass es Hollywierd is full of the sickest slime on earth. We will stop going to movies and start reading again they can blow themselves up such B S

  7. STRIKE CELEBRITIES……..Do us this FAVOR…….Not having the EVIL influence of SEX, DRUGS, and PEDOPHILES, and VIOLENCE….IS A WISH COME TRUE……

    Americans are Boycotting HELL Y WEIRD …….. you will end up like NFL…..RIP!

  8. lol this is nonsense, listen carefully this has been cobbled together by some determined to cause mischief. There was a reference to "doing something before the inauguration" that sounds old.I have scepticism about a lot of these computer generated news presentations. Too vulnerable to interference.

  9. These Celebrities are the Scum of the Earth. Satanist, Devil Worshipers, wicked evil people, they want to stop Trump because he is busting up there Satanist Cult with the raping and killing of God's children. A special place in Hell waits for them!!!!

  10. **~82% of Americans support president Donald Trump 100%, WE refuse to be RULED by brainwashed leaders killery & the kenyan impostor ( hollywood celebrities are brainwashed by those serial-killers ) WE will not be INTIMIDATED by those deranged brainwashed celebrities, they have no idea what they're talking about, they are accusing the wrong man, thanks to MSM's huge help, Rosie O'Donnell & friends better think before any move, it's going to be ugly, WE will not let that happen !! **

  11. The hell with these fantasy people. If u train a monky long enough , maybe not all but most could do there job. Not saying all, but alot of these people are not on the same planet…

  12. there we are folks, if you aren't boycotting all of Hollywood,csble news, liberal newspapers, late night comedy, lib music, all corporations who give big money to evil liberals and all liberal entitys. put them all in the same condition as the nfl. lets shut them down now.

  13. Lmfao by all means strike go for it please!! He'll start today, yes please strike and you will actually find your assets don't matter to anyone but you!!! No it's not the foundation of anything your egos!

  14. No one is watching or cares about them but they think they are SO important. NOT!!! We don't care what they think. ALL the movies have been crap.. They think what they do is " America" it's NOT… they are our servants to perform at OUR pleasure..We the people are in charge we have the power and don't need their opinion.

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