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Logan Paul FINALLY punished by YouTube | TMZ BUZZ

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41 thoughts on “Logan Paul FINALLY punished by YouTube | TMZ BUZZ

  1. lorena sounds like a hater she wishes she could get paid that much. Daphne is smart. this is a joke to them if it was a serious matter they wouldn't be laughing… everyone is on his gat because it'll get them views.

  2. I mean like when celebrities mess up you people are starving like you haven’t eaten for 10 years then somone messes up and you just pounce on your prey and become worse than the celebrity who made the mistake!

  3. I think it was stupid that he uploaded the video but like idk why people waste their lives on this crap do you have nothing else better to do? What have we become? We just sit here and wait for celebrities to mess up then we go after them and tell them how horrible they are when we’ve made mistakes in our lives as well! You all act like your better than everyone like your perfect and when a celebrity does something wrong your like ohhh my goddd he messed up! I mean I’m not defending Logan I’m using his mistake as an example on showing how you people are. Obviously it was just stupid for him to post the video but I mean he’s a stupid kid who made a mistake but honestly who cares if Logan Paul or Taylor Swift or whoever makes a mistake we’ve all done somthing we all aren’t perfect. All people do on the internet is argue and hate on others and waste their lives when they could actually GO OUT AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD!

  4. Aw poor offended babies. However do you cope with a video like Logan posted? And with a dead body? Oh my heavens what are we to do? Oh why?! Why?! Why cruel world?!
    Just out of curiosity
    have you seen the other content out there? On Tv? Internet? YouTube? Do you live under the proverbial rock? Are you in that much denial? Is mind capacity far too demanding to you?

  5. Funny how TMZ is talk so much SHIT but if it was them and they found a dead body and it was a celebrity they will run that shit 24/7 on all their platform's…..bunch of fucking HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!…..TMZ takes joy in trying to ruin people's lives if they don't get the story they want….and th at will do ANYTHING to get it by any means necessary..

  6. I have no leverage on the filming and posting parts but on the laughing I do!

    HE LITERALLY STATED THET LAUGHING IS HIS COPING MECHANISM, not in his sorry video not right after he posted it but IN THE VIDEO!!!!! If anyone watches any of his other vids u will realize that every time he is sad or angry he laughs and makes jokes to lighten the mood! So fuck all y'all haters I mean yah Logan has done some shit in his life but we all have and you know this thing should be over with I'm Logang no matter how much things he does to fuck up but idk if any one feels the same. Also who else WANNA HEAR JAKES OPINION ON ALL DIS

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