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Logan Paul wanted by POLICE – The REAL reason Camila Cabello won’t talk about Fifth Harmony

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Liam Payne & Rita Ora drop their brand new song for Fifty Shades Freed, Camila Cabello spills why she won’t talk about Fifth Harmony drama, and Logan Paul is wanted by the police. All that and more on today’s rundown!

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43 thoughts on “Logan Paul wanted by POLICE – The REAL reason Camila Cabello won’t talk about Fifth Harmony

  1. ugggghhhh I hate how everyone is freaking out over Logan filming a dead body and being disrespectful in Japan when summer last year in Texas Jake Paul ran over two of his fans AND HE FUCKING KNEW ABOUT IT and he didn't care 😣😣

  2. "people are not obligated to report a body, but they still want to talk to him" . Making it sound like he didnt even report the body and just left it there, leaving people to know its there by youtube.

  3. you guy’s always act like there’s drama when there isn’t, yeah camila left but that was over a year ago, her self titled album is almost out, 5h is minding their business and doing little projects here and there but that doesn’t mean anything the girls never did anything to camila when she did it, it was the fans! stop creating drama !!

  4. you guys act like camila & 5h tell you guys directly why she left like leave them alone, camila’s album is almost out, 5h is minding their business, you should do the same.

  5. Camila is doing the right thing by not entertaining drama, chaos, confusion and madness. Y'all are CRAZY for wanting "tea" to be spilled, we need to leave that shit behind. No more attempts to initiate drama between the girls, please. It's getting tacky and tired.

  6. I am so annoyed by caitlyn these were her children no matter if it’s biological or nah🤦🏽‍♀️ I don’t understand why she became the person she is today I mean she and bruce are not the same person of course but you can’t ignore everyone around and hurt everyone 🤦🏽‍♀️ bruce was such a caring person Can’t believe she just left that behind 😒

  7. Logan was bugging Lele pons to get him a date with Camila. I just find it funny that both of their thumbnails are used in the video. I also just want to say how grateful I am that Camila didn't go out with him. He would've definitely dragged her into some controversy.

  8. i really dont think camila will ever tell anyone and if she does its going to be forever from now like maybe long after 5h has broken up. im not even in the slightest bit suprised that camila doesnt want to hurt the fans who miss the good ol days from when 5h was first formed because they all were very clearly close they couldnt hide how close each of them were, plus theres camren where there was likely more there between them than just a friendship and i think a big lart of why camila went solo could have to do with what happened between her and lauren. injust see it as a matter that in order to give details about the split it would expose a whole lot more ya know?? and a lot of fans would be devastated because they still hold onto the split having to do with management and that all of the girls still get along and are still close. it would honestly hurt the following lf both of them also because once that hope is gone some people will have nothing to hold their interest anymore and they will no longer be able to come up with their own little fun conspiracies.

  9. Camila has her won life ffs.Why do u assume fifth harmony is the reason for everything she does? And the same goes for the ppl who connect camila is the reason for everything 5H does.Stop.Just stop.Let them live their lives.

  10. I the Fith and Camilla are not spilling the camomile because they want to get over the drama and let it be in the past. It might not even be drama group wise but company wise so I can respect that

  11. Can you please stop hating on Logan? Of course it was disrespectful what he has done but he apologized and was truly upset about what he has done. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. He is just a normal human being as we are.

  12. OK, Logan fucked up, but enough already. Everyone fucks up at one point or another. Yes or No? Now Japanese police want to talk. Why didn't they take a statement when he called? Why don't they put more police, security, or personnel around the park so that 150 people a year don't die there? There was a car parked in The parks parking lot for almost 1 year. No one got suspicious? The police chief should be spoken to. A young dude made a bad decision. OK!
    At least Logans news was more real than lot of the news on TV. Let's move on.

  13. Its healthier for all to look ahead and not dwell on the past.  Camila and Fifth Harmony have moved on.  Most likely, twenty years from now, someone will write a book – but for now they all have some great things happening with their careers.

  14. Why all those attention only goes to Logan? I feel like those friend around him at that time should be bash as well for being brainless and disrespectful especially that lady

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