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Louis Tomlinson Arrested Video and Reaction

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In this exclusive video Louis Tomlinson attacks a paparazzi then attacks three girls that is apparently attacking his girlfriend. Please click this link here for the full video. I understand that the paparazzi was way too close to Louis Tomlinson but it was unacceptable for him to push the girl on the floor. Stay tuned for more celebrity gossip and celebrity news by worldwidespotlight.com. Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and the notification bell so it notifies you when I drop another hot celebrity gossip video.


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45 thoughts on “Louis Tomlinson Arrested Video and Reaction

  1. You obviously do not understand the situation so let me break it down for you. In the beginning of the video you will see a girl with a blue hoodie on and that paparazzi in her face with the camera. That girl is Louis' girlfriend (and it's pronounced Louie bye). He went over to the pap to tell him to stop taking pictures, which he obviously did NOT do. He was trying to get him to stop. Then he tried walking away. If you open your eyes you can see that the pap is practically on top of Louis to try to get pictures of his girlfriend. As this happens Louis trips and he notices his girlfriend, Eleanor, cornered by two other girls who were punching and yelling at her. Louis trips and latches on to the paps legs to try to refrain from falling which doesn't work and the pap falls backwards. Then Louis says "what the hell is happening, can we please get some help!" He goes to defend his girlfriend and rushes to pull the girl that is hitting her off and they both fall backwards onto the floor and than his girlfriend/security pull him up, the other girl jumps up to try and attack again but security keeps the two girls away. Louis walks away and says "that's my girlfriend". If you paid attention you would have known that, but instead you want to get views and try to switch the story around when you can CLEARLY see he was only defending his girlfriend and himself. Not once does he purposefully hit the girl (or even at all). He was just trying to pull her off so his girlfriend could get away. We let rapists go to jail for 3 months but when a guy tries to defend his girl he all of a sudden should go for 6 months? Hell no. The music he makes is great and he's been through a lot. His mother just passed away, he's trying to raise his amazing son and little brothers and sisters. Stop disrespecting when you don't understand a situation along with jumping to your conclusions just so you can make a buck. It's annoying af…

  2. when gigi hadid punches someone it's known in the media as heroic. when louis is a gentleman and defends his girlfriend he's known as someone who beats up women ? what is this world

  3. u are so uneducated. those 3 girls had louis girlfriend trapped in a corner beating her and pulling her hair. louis broke the fight up as any boyfriend SHOULD DO. if you're going to make a video on a topic like this, then educate yourself a little about it

  4. u suck…u dont lik the boys,well fine.but dont give shit about them.there are so many people out there who worship them.well u r out of ur mind bcoz that was not louis mistake….he is innocent.just dont seek attention by uploading some videos.well i am not 1d fan but respect the boys for what they are doing…….if they didnt had talent they would b so famous.so respect for what they do,no matter u lik them or not.never talk about where they hav come from bcoz it does not even matter.respect the people for who they are and what they do

  5. why don't you analyse a situation perfectly and then public a video like this?!!! that girl with a grey hoodie attacked Louis' girlfriend. Louis was saving his girlfriend( in blue)from that grey girl. And the pap was clicking his pictures secretly to make news from the photograph. THAT'S ALL I WANTED TO SAY

  6. You shouldn't have made this video if you didn't know the fuck was going on. Louis was getting cameras shoved in his face, I mean how would you like to have cameras shoved in your face everywhere you go, you wouldn't like that. And by the way, the girl in the gray was attacking his "girlfriend", and Louis went over and tried getting her off of her. So what I'm trying to say here is you're a dumb piece of shit who doesn't know what the fuck is going on. You don't even know how to say his fucking name right, like wtf

  7. Violaron la intimidad de Louis y Eleanor, no querían fotos, ni vídeos. Louis defendió a Eleanor quien estaba siendo agredida, un arresto injusto. Me gustaría saber la razón de las muchachas para agredirla.

  8. After stalking the comments, I can see that a lot of people know their stuff while you don't. I'm definitely not gonna watch my girlfriend get her ass beat and sit there like nothing is happening. The only reason anybody is talking shit is because it had to be a girl that Louis pulled away. If it was a guy it would definitely be okay. So there goes gender roles. Secondly, the law is clearly shit since this was self defense. If those girls who attacked Eleanor aren't going to jail too then the system is fucked. Don't bother subscribing to me then asking for one back. And please, refrain from trying to use that as a way to build your low ass ego. You're foolish dude. By the way, music has nothing to do with this. Don't ever mention building a wall again because that's ignorant as shit. Good day to you, fool

  9. Way to be a dickhead. Where the band is from and whether or not you like their music should have nothing to do with how you look at a video. Half of this shit was staged, and the other half was a pap walk hone terribly wrong. The whole "grappling with the camera" was planned. Then, both Louis and the pap saw the fight occur and both ran to help. Louis dropped something– it's hard to see whether it was a phone or a passport– and tripped as he tried to pick it up. The pap tripped and hit his head. Louis got back up and broke up a fight between his friend and TWO GIRLS THAT WERE ASSAULTING HER AND FUCKING CLAWING HER FACE. If you had paused the video, you would have seen a girl in a matching blue outfit (wtf was that??) up against the wall being beat up to two girls in buns. Louis broke a fight up and got arrested for it.

  10. He went over to those girls because she was attacking his girlfriend. His girlfriend ( Eleanor) asked the other girl to stop filming Louis (pronounced Lou-E btw) and the girl who was recording cornered Eleanor and started hitting her and pulling her hair. So Louis pulled her off and no fucking wonder. What would you do if your girlfriend was being attacked, just stand back watch? Don't think so. Louis is incredibly kind and giving so next time do your research into what actually happened before you drag a man, 100x better than you through the dirt. If you can't see what's happening in the video clearly, and you can't be arsed to find out, do us all a favour and don't comment on it.

  11. The fucking paps should go to die immediately!Do the securities see that is the photographer tryna' to make Eleanor feel uncomfortable ? But the most importantly, the 3 girls are damn idiots, why are they fucking crazy to hurt Eleanor ? Why do they attack them?Louis is just gonna protect Eleanor from getting rid of hurt!Fuck them bitches !

  12. This video is so fricken biased and stupid! If you don't understand the situation you shouldn't comment on it. The other person in the blue hoodie was Louis Girlfriend and the camera man was following her and stuff so Louis went up to him to stop him as you can see that then they had a small fight which resulted in them tripping over eachother. Then Louis ran over cause this girlfriend was being harassed and cornered by "fans" so obviously he had to stop them. Louis was falsely arrested and everyone knows it, but it's videos like this and people like this who stir crap up just to get attention and in the process of that they spread WRONG information.

  13. He's music sucks??? Ummm Honey he makes more money on a song then you do in a year, so sit there and hush! Bruh good security ummm they didn't do anything until Louis jumped in to help his "girlfriend" honestly why post videos like this if you don't know what happen or have the facts, like honestly your embarrassing yourself!

  14. fuck urself whoever you are. go and get a mind first. you are so judgemental. what if he might not protect his girlfriend? then u would say that he cant even protect his girl. and when he did, u r accusing him for that. you have no right to judge anyone. what he did was jus to protect his gf. go and get a mind


  16. The girls were attacking Louis girlfriend and he ran over to help her like any good boyfriend would do. I blame the paps for that because they never let celebrities be like normal people and be able to walk through the airport. I also think that it was wrong for those girls to beat up Louis girlfriend. People have been saying they were fans that beat up her, but if they were truly real fans they would be happy that Louis and not beat up someone he loves

  17. If you don't even know what is going on or who he is, then what are you doing "reporting" on it. btw what happened in LAX has nothing to do with the bands music…

  18. You need to shut up I usually don't spread hate much but first of all he was helping his girlfriend, those 2 girls were attacking his girl, punching her, pulling her hair, etc, and you should not be saying that about one direction or any band. That is just cruel and childish. I get that you don't like them but don't say, they make great music and have given to charity. How would you feel if you were in his place and the paparazzi were in your face and 2 girls were attacking your girl friend. Oh wait never mind I'm sure you could never imagine being in his place bc you can't get a girlfriend with that ugly face. He panicked and was probably just don't say or do stuff like that.!!!!!!!!

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