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Hi Sun Raes! Thumbs up for TRIPPY TALK! Today were discussing Lucid dreaming! Have you ever had a lucid dream?
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23 thoughts on “LUCID DREAMING! Trippy Talk

  1. Does anyone else switch perspectives a lot in their dreams? Like I always start off as me but quite often the dream will end with me being someone else. The other day I had zombie apocalypse-ish dream (I played too much Resident Evil beforehand), and it started with me when the apocalypse began and then suddenly I was this dude with his brother and friend (the friend was Tyler Joseph from Twenty One Pilots lol), trying to find the cure and turns out Tyler was part of it, and after some fighting with the zombie-like creatures, I think I sacrificed myself so the others could survive, and then I was suddenly Tyler, and I stayed in his perspective for the rest of the dream…

  2. This is crazy bc I would do that , like I would jus wake up sometimes in the middle of the night I would jus lay there wit my eyes closed & I would be dreaming but I was awake, like idk how to explain it but Ik that I've had a lucid dream before like a lot

  3. i contiously made myself stay asleep and keep watching my dream the other day (it was one of the same ones as one of josh's) in other words i was being chased with a few other people (my friends apparently) and i just kept laying there with my eyes closed because i knes contiously that i was gonna wake uo so i was like no stay here. lay here. eyes closed. keep watcging. and it worked. then i was like okay i want a drink so i woke up. lol.

    i also remember laughing in my unconsous mind but not in my dream once when someone fell in a cactus patch beside me.

  4. I lucid dream all the time but I don't intentionally do it it just happens and I really wish I wouldn't because lucid dreaming often ends in sleep paralysis and that is terrifying

  5. I always watch your ads because I know how hard the ad issue has been on you…but I just got a 32 minute ad for this 13 minute video and I am sorry but I had to skip! I couldn't do it!

  6. I learned how to lucid dream like 2 years ago and I love lucid dreaming. josh you should use the app dream moods. it helps you understand what your dreams mean because a dream is just your subconscious trying to get your attention. just a suggestion.

  7. i don't lucid dream anymore but a couple years ago i always used to have the same dream that i was being chased by people from my school, it happened so often that i ended up realising that it wasn't real so i would know i could do whatever i wanted and ended up jumping so i could get away from them by flying into space 😂

  8. i have experienced lucid dreaming many times actually. most of the times i do whatever i want beacuse i'm aware of everything and i remember one time i made anything i wanted to appear and it was so much fun. That is one of the reasons that made me believe that dreams are just in our heads and not a trip to another universe/reality.

  9. I have lucid dreamed for most of my life and I didn't know what it was and I have always controlled them like when I'm in a dream I know I'm in a dream or sometimes if something bad happens I can change it and when I just start lucid dreaming I can completely control my body I can fly around the place but if I start thinking to hard about it or start trying to control my dream to much then I will wake up but I just never have really had nightmares like some people because I have just always been able to tell that's it's a dream and just kind of change it anyway this comment is way to long sry for wasting ur time have a good day

  10. All day today I was trying to rmr the dream I had lastnight bc my crush was in it lol but as soon as you said what you'd wanna dream in a lucid dream abt going underwater and breathing in it and all then BAM it came back to me, my dream. In my dream I was hauling out couches from my crushs apartment and then it suddenly switched to where I was at the bottom on the sea walking around looking for my dads keys. I was breathing and talking underwater, AND WALKING. Idk I just thought I'd share that w you. Btw I love you and ur vids. I'm bout to go check out Josh's as well :)))

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