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Malaysia Welcomes Brandi Back to LA | Basketball Wives

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Malaysia welcomes Brandi back to LA and gives her the full scoop of gossip regarding all the other ladies.

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Malaysia Welcomes Brandi Back to LA | Basketball Wives


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42 thoughts on “Malaysia Welcomes Brandi Back to LA | Basketball Wives

  1. They're scared of each other? What?! Where? 🤔🤔…If anything it's Brandi scared of them she know tami got hands, that's why she try to stop her from beating Duffy

  2. I say bring Draya and Brooke back. Take away Brandi, keep Mehgan & Duffy asses away. & also bring in (even though I don't like her) Sundy, she will definitely stir the pot up. Also I would even say bring Bambi back… I liked her way more on here than on LHHATL

  3. Brandi and Malaysia seem like real friends that support each other, as friends are supposed to do. It's nice to see ppl that are probably actual friends off-camera. These "reality tv" shows are so fake, so you never know if ppl have genuine friendships.

  4. Brandi is not back as a full cast member. She's basically like Porsha was that season after she drug Kenya on the reunion, she didn't get to hold a peach the following season lol

  5. "I'm celiBENT"?? WHAT?! Malaysia is by far the dumbest person on tv. She constantly pronounces simple words incorrectly. The fact that she has children is very scary.

  6. But what neither Tami or Brandi realize (which is a foreshadowing of what she said to Malaysia about Tami and Evelyn) her and Tami are too much alike. That's why they don't see eye and they clash. They are two peas in a pod, but they'll never be real friends though. Why? Because just as Brandi said about Tami and Evelyn, they're afraid of each other.

  7. These chicks all look like oompah loompahs they look soo yellow /orange …
    Brandi byeeeee go back to where you came from your story line is wack …

  8. Brandy's makeup ain't never right in these confessionals. Who is she selling makeup to again?! And if I hear the word cancer from her mouth again for another season I'm going to scream.

  9. I'm getting tired of these broke birds and these coats dangling off their shoulders. Go get an actual fucking cape to rock that still like you're suppose to have. Them fucking empty arm holds just dangling there make y'all look handicapped or something. lol

  10. She said it makes her exes wanna fight everyone so…i know im not the only one thinking that…you know.."damn she must have that devils nector" lmao

  11. Brandi is so pretty. I think she is still hurt by how Malaysia did Duffy. She has a guard up. I with her on Evelyn and Tammi. They are too much alike and both scared of each other.

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