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Media Review – The Young Turks

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Richard Seymour looks at the left-wing US online news show The Young Turks. With its politically committed, radical news commentary, it has challenged the US political establishment and has become a popular alternative media source on the left of mainstream media.


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30 thoughts on “Media Review – The Young Turks

  1. They may get a lot of hate and I may not agree with all their videos but overall I love TYT. They are informative, care about the people, and are funny. Keep it up TYT!

  2. one cultural definition of left wing could be 'waiting for the government to change society'; but in the USA one cultural definition of right wing is 'not waiting for anyone else but relying yourself to make changes' so in that sense the USA is all right wing, even when it is being left wing. But in the UK, there is a genuine split between those who are still waiting for the government to do something and those who believe it is up to the individual.

  3. lol good luck when Maduro is put up against the wall during the revolution. TeleSur is 100% government owned and propaganda. Fuck Maduro and his who illegal govt, I hope you get assassinated and this Malinchista gets kidnapped by FARC.

  4. Calling TYT "radical", "loud mouthed" is intellectually dishonest, and condescending because those are loaded words. Describing observable facts and reporting on them is News, and it is only "radical", in that it is just not the status quo corporate bullshit.

  5. Young Turks = Funded by a Zionist and anchored by a Turk.

    For those who failed history. Young Turks were the militants who committed the Armenian Genocide. Might as well call the show The Nazis.

  6. very good report on the Young Turks. I have mad respect for the Young Turks HOWEVER! the Young Turks as of late with the exception of Jimmy Dore, Aggressive Progressives, Michael Tracey and their fantastic reporter Jordan Chariton and one of their producers Emma has been peddling Russia conspiracy theories and I've had a very hard time wanting to tune into their program because of or watch TYT Politics. Jimmy and Jordan are the most left-wing of them in that they voted and support the Greens over this still ongoing ridiculous notion that the Democrats can be reformed.

  7. Support independent media! Take the fight to the corporate sell outs and we can have the progressive citizen oriented policies that we truly want. You've gotta be motivated to fight for what you and your country stand for and TYT is a beutiful example of this.

  8. The Young Turks : en refusant de soutenir la ploutocratie des Clintons — 3 milliards encaissés en 40 ans — ils ont fait gagner Donald Trump. Voici, sur 15 ans, comment les choses se sont développées.

  9. it's a game that the true money-holders(the men/women behind the curtain) like to play on the "willing" public. divide THEN conquer. it's a game played out by the elites on the un-suspecting public.

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