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Melanie Martinez Denies Allegations Made By Her Friend ft. Steve Greene & Gina Darling

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Singer Melanie Martinez speaks out to deny allegations made by her friend

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• Hosted by Tiffany Del Real
• Commentary by: Steve Greene, Gina Darling, Joe Jo, Bart Kwan, Geo Antoinette
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34 thoughts on “Melanie Martinez Denies Allegations Made By Her Friend ft. Steve Greene & Gina Darling

  1. It’s not flattering ever. Don’t minimize sexual assault. We all have boundaries that shouldn’t be broken. Being taken advantage of is never a good feeling, especially when it’s done by a friend/family/loved one. Which is a lot more common than we think.

  2. I wanna ~esplain~ some things about this and touch on a few points some of the crew members mentioned (and elaborate on some they didnt). Get ready because it's pretty long.

    1. Tim did actually go to her friends and family first. They were her support system and gave her the confidence to do what she wanted to do with this information. The reason why Timothy went public with this is because it is VERY hard to prove rape in this type of circumstance, let alone the fact that it happened years ago. Its pretty much impossible at this point. And also because there are a lot of young people (especially women) who really look up to her. If Melanie Did rape her, I wouldn't want people to look up to her either (and honestly, I do support Timothy on this. I'm not going around claiming it to be 100% fact but I can honestly say I'd rather believe a victim who turned out to be lying than to automatically turn my back on a genuine rape victim)

    WHEW ok, next point-
    2. the tweet talking about her single has been pinned since mid october, well before the allegations came out. I cant say for certain but I heard Tim had her story pinned for a day or two but her october tweet is still pinned. Not only that but I think if I went through something as tough as that, I would try to focus on more positive things too (a music career, something to be proud of, etc.)

    3. No one mentioned this but thats because Tif didnt mention it either. Two other girls came out in support for Timothy saying Melanie used the same/very similar tactics. Though one explicitly stated she doesnt feel she was raped, she said Melanie did eventually wear her down and convinced her to have sex with her. Even though it was concesnsual, berating and coercing is NEVER something someone should do if they want to have sex with someone.

    4. Melanie thanked her fans for looking into the timline to prove Timothys accusation was false. “I want to thank my fans who took the time to research the timeline, analyze past Instagram photos, and question the story being told, which reveal her false statements.”
    Which is, im sorry ahem, bullshit because the only thing they proved us that the date was probably wrong (and like Geo said, dates get mixed up All The Time). Even Gina said Melanie could've posted photos at a later date. Even if the date is 100% wrong (NOT the issue here and you'll see why) Melanie outright confirmed that the night in question did happen. When she said Timothy "never said no". So it really seems like Melanie is reaching for anything at this point.

    Well, that's it for now. might add later but here's basic facts so far of what transpired (ie things you can actually look up and not question with fan blinders)

    If you still support Melanie for whatever reason, all i ask is that you spread positivity to HER instead of telling Timothy to go die, you heathens.

  3. I'm glad Steve decided to share his story here. Personal stories spread awareness and especially awareness for male victims. Hopefully it will impact someone to open up and find some support/help. It's not the most comfortable thing to talk about especially when people are asking you "did you feel flattered?" And since Steve is a comedian he probably didn't want the uncomfortable feeling to escalate so he laughed politely. (not facts just my observation/opinion on my last sentence)

  4. I honestly did that kinda shit when i was younger, i think it was a slightly self destructive thing because I had one guy friend I was out to and I always tried to push the boundaries probably because I expected a horrible response to coming out and it never happened. To be fair i was like 13, I eould absolutely never do any of that kinda shit as an adult. I should have known better even at that age, but if you are a fully grown adult and can't confine yourself to those boundaries there is seriously something wrong

  5. with so much shit coming out all of a sudden…it's not too far of a stretch to be skeptical for a lot of them. It's shitty for the people who were actually abused in some way because of the ones that lie just ruin it for everyone.

  6. I'll honestly be surprised if Steve continues to befriend Bart after this. Even Joe could understand how Steve felt. Sometimes it's okay to not make a joke and have a serious video for once Bart. Don't ruin your own brand.

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