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Mr. Capone-E on Growing Up with Sureño Mexican Gang, Not Revealing His Race

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West Covina, California rapper Mr. Capone-E joined VladTV to speak about his childhood in the San Gabriel Valley and his often-mistaken racial identity. Mr. Capone-E says that people frequently assume he’s Mexican because he grew up in a Mexican neighborhood; he goes on to describe how he became involved in Southern California gang culture. Watch above.


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45 thoughts on “Mr. Capone-E on Growing Up with Sureño Mexican Gang, Not Revealing His Race

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  3. Why the hell are Mexicans hating on him? If you represent my race or show love to it then you are cool in my eyes.
    I have seen more Mexicans and blacks hate Mexicans than any other race like damn how you gonna hate your own kind or someone who knows your struggles. So I respet those who are not Mexicans yet show us so much love.

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