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My Little Pony The Movie 2017 “Roll Desk” Art Activity Kit Set MLP Toys Crafts

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My Little Pony movie 2017 “roll desk” art activity set with MLP mane 6 ponies! This is a My Little Pony Movie craft activity unboxing. The My Little Pony movie is set to release Oct 2017. This MLP activity craft is fun and includes: a roll desk, crayons, stickers and 25 feet of coloring activity sheets. The My Little Pony movie also has lots of other toys, coloring, books, and activities that are coming out. #mylittlepony #mylittleponymovie #mlp #mlpmovie #mylittlepony #movie2017 #mylittleponymovietoys #twilightsparkle #mlptoys #mylittleponytoys #mylittleponyrolldesk

My Little Pony Movie 2017:

Is an animated movie set to be released Oct 2017. The MLP movie is about the mane 6 ponies and their journey to save Equestria from a new threat, “Storm King” and his side kicks. They go to new lands and meet lots of new friends that help them get back Equestria. The movie includes brand new sea ponies and transform the My Little Ponies into mermaids.

My Little Pony Movie Characters:

The mane six My Little Ponies: Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Apple Jack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie

Temptest Shadow: Antagonist and lieutenant to Storm King.
Princess Skystar: A female seapony that helps the ponies
Queen Novo: Princess Skystar mother and queen of the seaponies
Storm King: Antagonist in the movie

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