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Normani Falls AGAIN – Cole Sprouse DECLARES Love For Lili Reinhart on IG?! (DHR)

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Normani takes another tumble on stage, and Cole makes his feelings for Lili public? All this & more on today’s DHR.

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45 thoughts on “Normani Falls AGAIN – Cole Sprouse DECLARES Love For Lili Reinhart on IG?! (DHR)

  1. Did he not mean Rush Kabergman? Like, maybe as an inside joke, and there may have been a typo? I mean, I ship Sprouseheart just as much as the next person, but you never know

  2. is everyone an idiot? does anyone understand basic grammer? he says love of my life, the blah blah blah… those two lines are one complete thought, he's just using proper grammar and being facicious ….he's not talking about lili

  3. Bitch I call my brother the love of my life 😂😂😂 , we have a good bond “HUMOR” Cole & Dylan Forsure would call each other “ the love of my life “

  4. I got 3 weeks off of college because 24 colleges in Canada are going on strike but the sad part is that we have to complete all our reading and assignments that are due during those three weeks and we can't be contact with our professors. How's that for Friday the 13th scare 😭😭😭

  5. Yes, calling your brother the love of you life is weird, but they’re the Sprouse twins. In case you haven’t noticed, Cole’s weird. He’s a weirdo. He doesn’t fit in. And he doesn’t want to fit in.

  6. Everyone is saying that Cole would call Dylan ‘the love of my life’ but Lili commented a heart! She wouldn’t comment a heart randomly. It’s obvious that he’s referring to Lili


  8. I thought the ‘love of my life’ thing was part of the description for the stylist or whoever he first mentioned and he was either being sarcastic or talking about how much he respects them but idk😂

  9. I am the biggest sprousehart shipper there is but the love of his life thing was about his stylist. He’s referred to her like that before, and it’s not romantic it’s been an ongoing thing between them for awhile. Just letting y’all know xx

  10. When he said the love of my life, I thought he was talking about the person he said next. Like thanks to the most best hat ever, crown beany. That's how I think he wrote it, like a complex sentence.

  11. If Kourtney wanted to delete all the apps and keep Kim from redownloading the app, she can use the Restriction mode in the settings and block the App Store and other apps Kim might use

  12. Erin & Emile, you were great on this episode! Thoughts: First, I'm sure that Normani handled her stage mishap like pro, and as they say in the biz, the show must goes on. Second, it's crazy that Kim is going through yet again another moment. Third, i'm sure the season 2 premiere of Riverdale was through the roof, & i think it's just another fan fantasy that people are trying to put together with Cole & Lili. Fourth, I'm sure Demi's interview was very open and honest. Fifth, the final trailer for season 2 of Stranger Things looks intense. To answer your final questions, the Stranger Things trailer looks intense for season 2, and i had a safe Friday the 13th. Thanks for a great DHR. #Clevverettes

  13. @ the cole and lili part, the people in the video are dumb, the way cole typed it is him talking about the stylist person, (not saying hes in love with that person) but yall need to go back to school and take a grammer class. Yall arw always starting crap. Not shading Riderdale or cole and lili, love them both

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