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25 thoughts on “Nouman Ali Khan Scandal?

  1. What’s this guy blabbing on about ? SubhanAllah! Not a single ayah nor Quran cited. We hear and obey the messenger and follow those who came after him (rightly guided khalifah) who are your scholars ?? Qasir qahdri NAk ??? 😂😂😂

  2. bearded man, watch videos by the masked arab!

    the Quran allows possession, which you disagree with shows you are better than Allah.

    your Mufti plays mental gymnastics and data fitting.

    why are you unwilling to see the truth?

  3. Wow he is not into "vanilla sex" LOL
    Exposed all the hypocrisy in the Islam world. No sex w no wedding LOL SURE. He told you are my jaan my 1, to.more than one.
    He took advantagebof his position. is a jerk by western values.
    A hero by Islam
    .In Saudia he could have the all 4, his 1st wife, the new one, those 2…

  4. If a man says Hi a woman, the Salafi go crazy?
    Are u SERIOUS?!
    If he would be living in Saudi Arabia, he could have 30+ wife, as the king father of King Salman.
    Muhammad bin Salman, offered money to Kanye West, to spend a night with Kim Kardashian. Same ZERO respect, received Ivanka Trump in her visit in Saudia, also a married woman, many offered money to have sex with her or to buy her.
    That's what women are in the Islam world: inferior sex objects.
    Ask Mufti abu Layth about that 👌
    The rumors say that he had an affair with his assistant/secretary?.
    If he was in Saudia, he could have her, and all the woman he chat w (the post are much more than "hello")
    So yeah, not the Salafis are mad about him because that

  5. I do not trust Khans ( almost all). They are biggest enemies of Islam. They sell Islam from 850 ago. Khans can rape and sell their women for money and power. Take these tyrants out of our beautiful Islam.

  6. Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

    Let’s fear Allah

    We should not give an opinion

    It is not permissible for a Muslim to accuse any Muslim man or woman of zina without proof as specified in sharee‘ah, namely four witnesses of good character, or a confession, or pregnancy in a woman who does not have a husband. Whoever does that has committed a major sin and deserves the hadd punishment for slander, which is eighty lashes on his back, and his testimony is never to be accepted in the future, and he is not to be described as being of good character, rather he is to be labelled as a faasiq (evildoer).

  7. Salams, Br Nouman Ali is a highly respected Ustadh, so even suggesting that he has a relationship is a slander in itself. Those who spread malicious slanders should know that he's put in a life time of work for Allah swt and is faithful to Him. Watch his videos before casting suspicions, dishonouring, or misjudging him.

  8. Nouman Ali Khan is a very educated muslim that dedicated a big portion of his life to study Arabic first, and then study the Quran in depth. I have never came across any scholar that explains every part of the Quran in such a simple and a beautiful way. I signed up for his website and it costs more than 10 dollars a month, and after few months my credit card reached its limit and couldn't pay for the membership anymore but GUESS WHAT!!!!?? He continued to give me access to the account for free. I mean this website is full of comprehensive lectures and executive summaries that are so soo soo useful to my Quran studies. Regardless of what people are saying about his private life, i believe that he helped me understand many areas of the Quran that were very complicated for me to comprehend and helped me in my journey for strengthening my Eman. May Allah protect him and gets him back on track because we have far more serious problems that our younger muslim generation are facing that we should worry about than focusing on nonsense. "When s*** hit the fan, is you still a fan?" –Kendrick Lamar

  9. A "scholar" that teaches sectarianism which in turn gives these idiot bros even more legitimacy to be assholes and make excuses to throw women under the bus.
    "He probably said hello" what a fucking dick! Keep drinking energy drinks mate, discussing theology and women's rights is not your forte.

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