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Odd Things About The ‘Fixer Upper’ Couple’s Marriage

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Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines have one of the most relatable and enduring marriages in Hollywood — or Waco, Texas, where the pair work real estate magic for HGTV. But like every couple, they’ve had their fair share of hiccups. From a money problems to divorce rumors, here are all the times Chip and Joanna’s relationship looked like it might be built on shaky foundations…

It wasn’t love at first sight | 0:27
Money troubles and jail time | 1:12
A controversial church | 1:56
Lawsuits, lawsuits, lawsuits | 3:14
They called it quits on Fixer Upper | 3:53

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26 thoughts on “Odd Things About The ‘Fixer Upper’ Couple’s Marriage

  1. F**k the LGBTQ, rstuvwxyz community whatever they don't amount to a squat in the scheme of things…SO Tired of these misfits. Amazing how this small group of freaks makes life difficult for the masses that live normal lives in this Country, about what 2.8% like a annoying dull pain. About time that people started ignoring them and listening to the 97% that actually matter.

  2. Joanna is getting her own show focused on interior design. She is hgtv’s cash cow right now, you think they’re just gonna kill fixer upper and be done with her?!? Those two are make money hand over fist right now, you definitely haven’t seen the last of them!

  3. i never really liked them but i loved what they did to those houses on the show. he was sooo loud and annoying and she never seemed like she appreciated his personality. kind of just felt like she was accepting it for the cameras

  4. This is ridiculous. My husband and I have been married 35 years and he drove me into a ditch on our first date. Half the couples in this country have money problems, that's just life. Life is also getting fines for something stupid like letting your dogs loose or speeding. You learn, and you move on. My mom was a devout Catholic, but she used birth control despite what the Pope said so you can definitely worship the same God, without believing the same exact things. And quitting the show is a sign of what exactly? They'll probably be relieved not to have to wake up every morning to stories like this. Marriage is hard and its work. If you think the only good marriage is one in which you are laughing 100% of the time, you will fail. Its the hard times that bond you, like soldiers in the trenches of war.

  5. Eh.. Seems pretty normal to me. Except getting sued for 1 million dollars, which has nothing to do with the marriage itself. Doubt it would've happened if they weren't well known. Seems like they're just over the TV thing. ALL marriages have ups and downs and not all of them are love at first sight anyways. Absolutely nothing odd about them at all. This video is honestly pointless.

    Edit: And the LGBTQ thing is kinda whatever to me. It's not like they're terrible people. Also common sense would say that where they live isn't gonna have a bunch of same sex couples getting houses remodeled on tv.

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