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Rick Ross Disses Nicki Minaj & Birdman On New Record

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LISTEN TO THE TRACK ►►► http://bit.ly/2mQbfMm

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33 thoughts on “Rick Ross Disses Nicki Minaj & Birdman On New Record

  1. But did anyone forget Rick Ross was a fuckin CO?! I'm not team Birdman but everybody just needs to have several seats including me because my head is spinnin over this fake ass bullshit we call "rap" these days. Smh.

  2. Call me all you want but whats officer Ricky saying?Whatever issues Brirdman and Wayne have its for them to sort out.Its Father-Son issues.And lets not forget we all know dating history of Officer 👮🏽 Ricky .I don't hate Our officer Ricky but once an officer always one and can't be trusted.I pray he makes music,make money and stop trying to be tough,street authentic etc its lame.

  3. with all these diss track records being thrown ……. yo master p round up ur tank and drop some doper music and slap these weak ass beefs out of sight and out of mind #nolimitforever they taking over #2017 n forever 💯🆙🔥🔥😜 to all no limit haters

  4. Ross has so much respect for Wayne that his first sing was with the guy who trolled Wayne with Carter 6 album. Guess Carter 5 is the last Carter album. ugh.

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