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Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone MOCK La La Land On SNL – Ryan Breaks Character

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Ryan Gosling served as host for the season premiere of SNL and took full advantage of milking the fact that following the pandemonium around La La Land, people claimed that he quote on quote saved jazz. Naturally the fact that people were saying this sparked controversy because A) jazz hasn’t gone anywhere and B) it was created by black people, so it became a little problematic for people to credit a white dude from Canada for its return. And as you’ll see in his opening monologue, there was no way Ryan was going to host SNL without poking some fun at the ridiculousness of the controversy.

Even Ryan had a hard time holding back his laughter during the bit, so luckily his pal Emma Stone swooped in to help him out.

Along with the La La Land nods, Alec Baldwin also returned to reprise his Emmy award winning performance as Donald Trump taking a call with the mayor of Puerto Rico.

Then Kate McKinnon joined in playing Attorney General Jeff Sessions for a little pow wow with the Donald.

Unfortunately in this case, comedy is coming from a very true and dark place. But on a lighter note, there was a sketch where Ryan lost his mind over the random fact that the Avatar title’s font was papyrus.

Seriously there were so many golden moments during Saturday’s show, it would take five years to recount them all but one of my favorite things when I’m watching stand-up comedy or improve or anything like that is when the comics can’t hold it together and start laughing at their own jokes. And I think it’s safe to say that Kate Mckinnon was a hero for all warm blooded humans everywhere when she took full advantage of coping Ryan Gosling’s beautiful booty.

If you keep watching she sticks her face in it, and at that point I got so happy for her I almost cried. But unfortunately the man is taken and he melted the hearts of every girl on her period when he thanked his beautiful wife Eva Mendes and their kids during his sign off.

What were some of your favorite moments from the SNL premiere? Sound off in the comment section below, don’t forget to subscribe and then click right over here for all the details on a possible Hocus Pocus remake. Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m your host Drew Dorsey and I’ll see you next time.

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20 thoughts on “Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone MOCK La La Land On SNL – Ryan Breaks Character

  1. Why do y'all always gotta make something about race. Music is something for people of every color. This movie probably did get a younger audience into jazz. (including me) so I don't see what the problem is they didn't lie.

  2. The skit wasn't funny tho. It was a Trainwreck the whole way through. I cringed throughout the entire thing. It was pretty clear that thinks joking about the controversy will make people forgive him or something.

  3. It was a rumor in Sept 2016 that Ryan and Eva got quietly married, but it's been proven that story was false. However, Ryan and Eva are together and are Mom and Dad to 2 young and cute daughters.

  4. You can't put a race on things that have been created, so if a white jazz player became successful and revamped a people's love for jazz you couldn't credit him because he was white? That's ridiculous.

  5. is it just me or did Emma look worryingly skinny in the picture they used of her at 1:08 ?? is it just me?? At any rate I hope its for a role and shes not just doing it because of self esteem or anything like that 🙁

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