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Secret Origins: The Punisher

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Secret Origins: The Punisher
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When The Punisher was introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man #129 in 1974, comic book readers had never seen anything like him. Since then, he’s been ripped off and reinvented too many times to count. How did a gun-toting anti-hero become one of Marvel’s most popular characters? To learn more about this iconic character before his Netflix series reinvigorates him for a new generation, take a look at The Punisher’s origins on and off the page in the first installment of “Secret Origins.”

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49 thoughts on “Secret Origins: The Punisher

  1. I feel like the Netflix punisher is going for an Anti government thing. I get you have to modernize stories to give the audience something they can relate to. But especially with Punisher Max, Vietnam is what made The Punisher who he was, and the murder of his family by the mafia really pushed him toward hunting the criminal element. Netflix switching it to the government killing his family feels like they’re pandering to the current political climate. Never the less I’m definitely gonna check it out and see how their vision of Frank Castle comes to life.

  2. Jhon Bernthal is the Punisher incarnated. Its like he was born for the role. If you dont believe me , check out daredevil season2. The punisher basically steals the show.

  3. “There’s no character quite like Punisher”

    Red Hood, Rorschach, Light Yagami, Dexter Morgan, V, Kira, Wolverine, Paul Kersey, Dirty Harry, Clyde Shelton, & Agent 47 beg to differ.

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