Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson Delivers Statement On Sanctions, North Korea And More | TIME - Celebrity News
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Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson Delivers Statement On Sanctions, North Korea And More | TIME

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US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson delivers statement on accomplishments of the Trump Administration so far.
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Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson Delivers Statement On Sanctions, North Korea And More | TIME


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27 thoughts on “Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson Delivers Statement On Sanctions, North Korea And More | TIME

  1. "The Moron", as he called the orange man, didnt achieved nothing and now Rex Exxon is liking that moron his ass and he is soooo deep in it that only what comes out of his mouth is totally SHIT

  2. ever. Mankind needs peace more than ever, for our entire planet, threatened by nuclear war, is in
    danger of total destruction. A destruction only man can provoke, only man can prevent. Mankind
    must remember that peace is not God's gift to his creatures, it is our gift to each other.

  3. We shod not be accusing g other national s of being g the non peaceful ones. Hypocrites. Ask your self this Who has been at war with nations of this world?? Certainly not the last few trying to keep their peaceful sovereign Earth belongs to humanity not rulers and leaders. Those we have wasted votes on have go e and set the entire world up for war. This is now a 24/7 360 ° battle worldwide. I voted to troops home because the actual united States isn't at war!! Where is our peace flag. People we talk to on the street no that a world war now hangs over our heads. Because these principalities misled us out of peace and into more war. Love yourself your neighbor This backwards world needs to start d up tall shake it off and start new God said thou shall not kill. Yet we war thou shalt not lie yet media is the father of it thou shalt not covet yet we want what the Jones have we have to pull our selves out of the fiction and for our own salvation Humanity has awaken everywhere world wide those we've trusted with votes have go e and gave themselves powers we did not agree too. When does it and??When we say No More. INFLUENCE is but a fancy word for bully. God protect us all from the ignorance that has poisoned the world Clean Water Clean food Lord I ask you end starvation today. The churches live on high hills deliciously rich and powerful yet people die of hunger ever minute Take the churches riches Lord and bless humanity with it. End the hate all created by the demons of democracy all the peaceful republics world wide knowledge to understand we are all Inheritor of peace and freedom to live travel and to just be spirits I. This world we are the kings God created. As Christ said Aquarius would rise and for us to seek the water bearer and go I to his house , well he is here Peace and knowledge have been set free by the Creator himself. Modern church Is not where the Lord is It's where Satan sits o. The Mount today is the day you see the truths all humans awake and see at the same time no longer are we spoiled by dirty water We are living g peaceful we've been duped for the last time. Now lastly do not picket or create a public anymore people your voices only need to be heard by the universe Tell the universe you have heard his calling in your heart that ache something is missing has been found the veil have been. Lifted by god himself God has many Names over the years but the reality is he is within you You won't find him at such day church as the True Sabbath is the 7th day Saturday. However the covenants were broken by rulers to mislead. Oh Creator of all bless us with protection s against that that devours with word spells and wars Infuse us with our own power restore to us our magic our powers you gifted us with and Lord we see your sky calendar We shall follow it always .Amen

  4. I wonder what the N. Korea update is.. press hasn't been questioning that one in State Depart press conferences. Just listened… sounds like he just Slammed the liberal antitrump propaganda that was initiated last night by press. I support Rex and the Trump Team. I think they have done a great job so far.

    I'm sick of fake news.

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