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So Much News, So Little Time – Obama on Wall Street, Ann Coulter & a Senate Briefing: The Daily Show

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Barack Obama makes bank on Wall Street, UC Berkeley cancels a speech from conservative pundit Ann Coulter, and the Senate gets a briefing on North Korea’s nuclear threat.

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45 thoughts on “So Much News, So Little Time – Obama on Wall Street, Ann Coulter & a Senate Briefing: The Daily Show

  1. "at least Obama waited until he left office" that doesnt make it any better. what an idiot "white people were corrupt in the past so its ok for Obama to be corrupt"

  2. 0:50, trump using the white house like an atm machine, how? is this a fact you know or just a wild guess or what? if youre referring to campaign donations, obama took far more money than trump did which is on record and factual. one of the main assets of trump is he is already rich so he doesn't need donations so what are you talking about?

  3. Big fan of the show but it's really disappointing to see The Daily Show completely avoid the criticism of Obama and do exactly what they blame republicans for: pointing at someone else doing it too. This just plays right into the hands of people criticising the show of being nothing more than propaganda.

  4. Make everything about 'race', loser! Obama is an ex-president, irrespective of skin color! You want 'your boy' to abuse a system you decry? Hypocrite!!
    Also, (Hypocrite!) do you have ANY idea what it would cost to bring one president to the Senate vs. even two hundred senators to the White house? Man, you are showing yourself to be the bigoted, unthinking Liberal I've always seen you as. I only wish that others can see how stupid you are, Trevor!

  5. Let's look into why they have so much money he says. Says obama should take the money he says. There is your fucking problem. I know it's all haha jokes! But this shit is real and it's a problem.

  6. Trevor Noah's defense of wall street bribes is annoying. Obama doing this shows people had good reason for being disappointed in him. If Obama was a good leader who beleived in what he said he would stick to it after he left. But nope. He spit in the face of supporters and plenty seem to enjoy it. and as for : "It doesn't change with Obama." Nice to see you have so little faith in Mr. Hope and Change.

  7. You know that. Wall Street is natural environment for Barack Obama. If You remember Obama never helped, for exemple Detroit (Bankruptcy), but He saved automotor big business in Motown. Fraud!!!

  8. Apologetic piece of corporate shit, and a rasist as well. Yeah, of course, let's bring Obama's skin color into the discussion to distract everyone from his hypocrisy. You're disusting, Trevor.
    Obama wasn't the first president who didn't end up a war criminal (7 countries bobed under him, 90% of time killing innocent civilians), wasn't the first to close Guantanamo Bay (which is unconstitutional), wasn't the first to actually change anything (the US is still plagued by republican health "care", republican economy, republican foreign policy and now republican majority everywhere and a fascist successor to Obama), wasn't the first to turn the DNC from becoming another Republican party, and of course, wasn't the first one not to take big money and fight corruption. Fuck you and your show, fuck Obama "friend of big pharma" and the DNC, as much as fuck the Republicunts.

  9. Dear Trevor Noah
    I was trying to watch your full Daily Shows on the CC website, but I got this message instead: Sorry 'Bout that. This Video Is Not Available from Your Location. What did Africans do to you people that we cannot also just laugh along with you guys on the net? Heh wena?

  10. The first amendment means that the government can not stop your free speech. That doesn't mean you are free from the consequences of you speaking your mind.

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